Monday, August 30, 2010

Is it too early for Halloween?

...because I couldn't wait to dig into my new Hocus Pocus from Pink Paislee.  It is Halloween paper that is truly pretty!  I started cutting and experimenting and a layout was born!  I figured I would walk you through it to give you an idea of how one of my pages evolves.  Here it is:

I first started by cutting out the Hocus Pocus title from a sheet of the patterned paper.

I am so in love with the shade of green on the Good Fortune sheet so I made that my base.  Notice the scallop on the bottom.  Using my craft knife, I cut along the edges of the scallop, being sure to leave the left and right side edges in tact.  I took a second piece of the Good Fortune and cut out the same scalloped border.  Then I tucked it underneath the first one.  Instant texture and layers.

I started experimenting and wanted to add a light color for contrast.  I grabbed the die-cut paper:

 I had already cut the border to use on a different layout so only the middle was left.  When I placed it under my photo, I notices the curves for the webbed lines.  The idea to randomly cut along them just popped in my brain.  I am experimenting lately with more random layouts.

I added other patterns for interest and mixed up my title using the new alphabet stickers. I realized that I wanted a flower, but not any ordinary flower.  The new canvas borders are awesome and I thought why not. 
I took the scalloped skeleton one and began rounding it, folding at the line between each scallop.  I simply curved it around folding it until five petals were formed.  It was sticky so I put some baby powder on the back to take the adhesive off, making it easier to work with.  A little mist and I had a custom flower.

Something was still missing to me, so I added the glitter cobweb sticker in the corner and cut some strands to decorate my flower with!  A few more details and my page was complete!

I wanted to share my enthusiasm for this line!  (Have I ever mentioned how much I love Pink Paislee) Even though Halloween is quite a way away!  LOL!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Day of Summer

This was it.  The last day of summer.  I realize I still have the weekend before going back to work, but this was the last weekday I had of pure freedom.

The kids and I enjoyed some time with friends at the pool.  They were in that thing for hours! It was a nice way to end it.

This summer was strange.  I spent a ton of time trying to pass the time.  I didn't have access to my house for hours some days, which was difficult.  It meant I had lots of quality time with the kids.  Just the three of us, which usually doesn't happen in this summer.  I have to say that I missed taking daily walks with Steve and the kids.  Having a leisurely pace.  But, it will be all worth it!

In celebration of the last day, here is a layout of a typical summer day last year!  Time at the sprinkler park!

I am a sucker for those flag and sticker banners from Sass.  I used them to make this sun.  First I just twisted the blue banner around the circle (which is the negative space of a journaling spot).  Then I noticed those white points, which were another negative space of a banner.  I cut each one out and stuck them between the blue rays.  Totally adds a surprise!!

I used the August kit for this one!  I wanted to be sure that you knew about our upcoming contest:

I am looking forward to the next phase...both kids in school.  I am so proud of them (well, Ella is still Ella but I see the light at the end...).  I can't wait to see them enter the world.

Off to enjoy the last weekend of the summer!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The only thing that is constant change.  Ironic concept, hey?  I find myself in the midst of a mid-life crisis these days.  I am turning 40 and I have to say that I am effected by it.

The past 6 months have been quite interesting.  Upheaval can make you reevaluate things.  For a while I really shifted in my thinking and feeling.  I was just happy for the little everyday things.  I made this layout to celebrate it.

(Supplies:  New My Mind's Eye Lost and Found collection!)

But it seems like I lost this feeling a bit.  Instead of being grateful, I find myself in a transition.  The house not being done and settled, going back to work, both of my kids in school, tension with Steve because there is stress.  I am stuck in a pattern where I am complaining about things.  Like the belly I want to doesn't seem like a big deal, but I don't feel like me.  I feel weighed down.  Yet, I don't make moves to fix it.

I wish those good phases could last longer.  Or I could find a way to hang on to the core feeling, in spite of everything else going on.  I think that may be the secret to life. 

Maybe this transition period will bring me to a new level of change.  I suppose I am in control of that.  If only I embraced it.  I have until October 2nd (my birthday)...time to get my hug on.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sneak Peeks!

Just wanted to let you now about the September kit from The Nook...

I couldn't be happier!  You should rush to get this one...the add-ons sold out quick and this kit won't be around long!

Would you like to learn more about the sneaks, great community and fab projects over at The Nook?  The best way to do that and see great layouts is to subscribe to the newsletter!  You will hear about special contests, get links to classes and hear all the latest news!

Just click here to subscribe!

and get ready to go Back to Scrapping!  We are having a back to school contest with an amazing prize (a 6 month FREE subscription!).  Check out the details and sign up here!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Simple Summer Fun

and now it is almost over...

can you hear me sobbing?

LOL!  I was hoping our reno would be finished by now, but we are a couple of weeks away.  That means I start the year disorganized.  Ready for my new phrase in life...It is what it is!

We had a nice summer...a bit different because we had to be out of the house a lot, yet were tied to the house.  Steve helped a bunch with the gutting and installing, and I had to give my two cents throughout.  That meant more local trips as opposed to big day trips or even a vacation.  We hit the parks in our county, went to the pool, saw some movies, went to the sprinkler park and played outside.  A lot. 

Funny thing is that my kids are happiest outside in the yard, making their own fun.  Sometimes I think that we overplan for our children.  We want to expose them to many opportunites, but I wonder about good old fashion imagination and play.  When I was growing up, we made our own way and we were not always entertained by our parents.  I try to find a good balance.

The simple things are great! Give my kids the hose and they are all set!

I used the sketch and participated in the My Mind's Eye summertime challenge.  Using the sketch allowed me to focus on the details and complete this layout in about an!

One more week of summer.  Simple fun here we come!

Friday, August 20, 2010

10,000 Reasons to Celebrate!

Have I ever shared how much I enjoy being a part of the Magazine team?  It provides me with the opportunity to write about the journaling process, a dream I have always had.  The ezine continues to grow and grow each year with the number of scrappers who submit, the talented team members and the subscribers.   As a matter of fact, Scrapstreet has reached the 10,000 subscribers mark!!!

I am not sure people realize that.  You submit and have your work published and at least 10,000 people will see it.  Never mind the number of hits the ezine receives each month...You have product you want to show off, what a great place to do it!

We are celebrating!  You have a chance to win this fabulous prize pack!

Look at all those goodies! Huge thanks to: BasicGrey, Cosmo Cricket, Pink Paislee, KaiserCraft, Jillibean Soup, American Crafts, Teresa Collins, Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker, My Favorite Things Stamps, October Afternoon, and Fancy Pants Design for contributing to this package worth over $100.

How do you win? The luck of the randomizer. How do you enter? So glad you asked. You may have up to five entries:

1. Leave us a comment on the Scrapstreet blog.

2. Join as a follower to the Scrapstreet blog and leave us another comment telling us so (if you are already a follower, tell us that too)

3. Blog about us and comment on the Scrapstreet Blog with the link.

4. Join our facebook followers--and comment about it.

5. Tweet or facebook about our 10,000 day and comment about it.

There you go! 5 chances to be richer in scrappy goodies. We will stop counting new comments at midnight Sunday, Central time. We will announce the winner on Monday!

Here is a layout that is appearing in the magazine as we speak!  We got to play with awesome Lily Bee goodies!

Join in on the fun and win today!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A little Sass

I love Sassafras!  Every collection that make is just awesome!  The stickers and dimensional elements...really love! 

So what a pleasure to find myself featured on their blog!  My Just Dance and You're a Joy layouts are up!They highlighted some of the favorites from the Nook August kit!  Check it out here for a chance to win the kit!

Here is another project from the kit.  I am determined to improve my card making skills this year.  The fabulous, fabulous, and sweet Danni Reid is a member of the DT over at the Nook and I can't wait to learn for the next 6 months!  I made a card and jazzed up a bunch of candy lollipops!

Off to swimming lessons!  This is the last week and the kids are doing great.  I have been on a burst with scrapping lately, which is not because my love for creating has returned!  I think the large box of Pink Paislee might have something to do with it!

Have a great day!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yep, this is about it...

it is the age, it is the age...If I were to write my daughter a letter, it would go a little something like this:

Dear Ella, I hope you don't remember this time in your life.   Well, not true.  Hold on to the fun memories.  But forget how mean I was.  I just need to whip you into shape.  You are so strong, but you simply don't know everything.  Heck, you only know 10% of what you will learn.  The countless hours in your room and loss of items is all meant to teach you how to listen and be respectful.  I love you no matter what!


I at least had fun making this layout!  I decided to be adventurous with the tape that is in the August Nook kit!  I took my clean lines but varied them up with diagonals and circles!

Look at her in these pictures.  When we tease her 20 years from now and she doesn't believe us, I will take these out!  LOL! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For my Kids

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but Nathan and Ella are sooo into looking at my old scrapbooks.  Well, I should call them their old scrapbooks.  They love the photos and especially enjoy hearing the stories.  It makes me realize that I started this hobby to do just that.  Record their lives.

Ella still brings up the old house.  "I miss my old house." are her exact words.  They love it here, but I think we are all missing our routine.  Nathan will tell me about how he dreams of the house at night and remembers what we did there.  So I decided to make a mini-album to record the stories behind our old house.  Every room really does tell a story.

Since I had Word Weds. at the Pink Paislee blog and the focus in on the journaling and stories, I finally felt motivated to get it completed.  Here is my 8 X 8 Artisan Element Canvas album!

Since the album is a bit bigger than some of the true minis, I decided to have the side by side pages be cohesive.  I simply treated them as smaller double page layouts.  It came together very quickly because of how complete the Pink Paislee collections are.  I loved using the Flip Notes!

To see more, head over to the Pink Paislee blog!  I used mostly elements from the 365 Degrees collection:  Flip Notes, Die-cuts, Cork Buttons, Rub-ons, as well as the Red Weathered Wood Expressions Alphabet and Artisan Elements

It was moving to me to write these stories down.  It was as if I relived those beautiful moments again.  And now, my kids can as well.  We are making new memories and someday I will have a book about our new home.  That is how life works.  It goes by so quickly and I am afraid that stories will be lost if they don't get written down!

A gift made for my babies.  Now if only I can get them to stop fighting over it...LOL!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moving and Dodging

Isn't that what we all do?  Move in a forward direction (well most of the time) and dodge obstacles that try to get in the way.  I feel like the summer is slipping away.  I would actually like to stop it from moving. 

I got Nathan's letter from his kindergarten teacher yesterday.  It is so real.  I can't believe he is entering school.  It is such an emotional time.  I just want everyone to see the best in him because he is one fantastic kid.  Sort of like I want everyone to do the same with me.  I suppose every parent feels this way.  Each day when I am teaching, I try to have on that parent hat too, hold onto those hopes, dreams and fears I am concerned with so that it gives me perspective.  It is an exciting time and I will be happy when the initial transition is over.

We have put the smack down on Ella.  She is so fiesty and strong.  Really, I have quite a pip on my hands.  I love that she is confident and sure of herself, but it needs limits.  She has this habit of screaming really loudly when things do not go her way.  It makes me nuts.  She is now going to her room every time she does it.  I hope she gets the message.

In the theme of moving and dodging, here is a new layout.  I have been having so much fun with the August Nook kit.  Something about using Sass that makes me want to be free and experiment a bit.  It is good for the creative soul.

The design team call over at the Nook is just about at the deadline.  Be sure to is a great team and a great community!

Oh, and something cool.  One of my layouts is up on the Lily Bee blog as a Friday favorite...made me smile!

Time to move off the computer and maybe dodge the list of chores that I have...

Happy Sunday!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Trying to Ignore

I am trying to ignore the fact that there is chaos and disorganization all around me.  The kitchen looks fabulous...MOST of the cabinets are up, granite is in, tile is put up in the range area.  I have running water and will have a stove by tomorrow.  So we will be functional.  Just not clean and beautiful.

Steve and I both crave order so this is hard and is beginning to effect our moods.  So I am trying to just walk by it all and ignore it.  "I don't see it.  I don't see it." is being repeated. 

I am also trying to ignore the fact that school will be here before we know it.  I am so totally not ready to go back.  I will need a vacation from my renovation (that might be a scrappy page title).

I am ignoring things by getting out with the kids, by painting some rooms in the house, by scrapbooking.  I have been so inspired by the My Scrapbook Nook August kit.  (I am ignoring the fact that there is a design team call and the current team will be no more...not so good for us, but a great opportunity for you.  You should check it out!) Something about Sass that makes me want to get grungy, messsy, free!  Although you willl still see my clean lines, because I can't help myself. 

I got a little creative here!  First, I created a heart shape in Microsoft Word.  I printed it out and cut a mask from it.  Laying the mask down, I sprayed with mist.  It was pretty, but needed more.  So I trimmed the edges using the Basic Grey Doilie tape.  I simply cut it to get just the edge and then applied it all around my heart. 

My Ella...she comes up with the cutest things and this is one that I did not want to forget!  Words right from her own mouth.

Time to ignore the fact that there is laundry...and dusting...and closets to clean.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Along the Lines of Really Cool

I received an email a couple of months back from the owners of Scrappin' Patch, a popular scrapbooking store and site in New Zealand.  They run an annual competition called "Stars in Their Eyes" where a very cool grand prize is given away.  Think along the eyes of design star (one of my favorite shows)! Each of their talented design team members gets to chose a "star" for the contest participants to emulate.  Participants then create a layout utilizing the same style of the star, while not scraplifting. 

I was humbled and honored when the very sweet Annelie picked me as her star.  I actually thought maybe they meant to send the email to someone else.  LOL!  How cool is that!  Annelie has a thing for Pink Paislee so we share the same guilty pleasure! 

I wanted to say thank you and welcome the girls who are visiting my blog!  It was so thrilling for me to be a part of something that is happening on the other side of the globe!  I can't wait to see all the amazing work the talented participants will create...they have rocked it so far with the other stars!

Annelie wanted me to define my style and it is always hard for me.  I love paper and goodies, gaining the most inspiration there!  Here is a recent layout that I shared on the Pink Paislee blog!  Lovin' the Artisan Element Swirls and the new ones are to die for...I promise you will love them!

I gave some insight into how I created this layout over at the Pink Paislee blog.  I used Queen Bee paper, Flip Notes, Die-cuts, Cork and Stamps as well as the Artisan Element Swirls.  While you are there, check out the other girl's work and the new collections.  Inspiration galore!

Be sure to look at the post below to take part in the My Scrapbook Nook Blog about great prizes!  If you leave a comment for that, be sure to put in under that post!  it runs until August 7th! 

Thanks Annelie and Scrappin Patch for making me blush and letting me take part in your fabulous contest!  I am honored! 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Scrapbook Nook Blog Hop

Welcome to the My Scrapbook Nook Blog hop! You should have just left the uber-talented Zarah's blog. If you didn't - start at the blog of Leah Killian and go from there, to make sure you don't miss out on a clue!

There is so much monthly inspiration to be gained from My Scrapbook Nook Kits. Are you ready to WIN ONE FOR YOURSELF? Our kits are packed with the latest and greatest scrapbooking products, all perfectly coordinated to save you time. These kits are a great value, always only $28 and always with a $15 to 35% discount! This month's kit features brand new Sassafrass Lass Indie Girl, and matching goodies from Jenni Bowlin, Basic Grey and other brands you know and trust!

Our message board and gallery are hopping and loaded with ideas on how to create with your kit, as well as step by step instructions on tons of great layouts and cards!

Now, here's how you WIN! Hop the Design Team blogs- leave a comment to win the prize featured on that designer's blog- then collect the words (in order) from each blog to answer this question:

What's the scrappy cure for the summertime blues?

My word for you is: my

When you've collected all the words, piece them all together to form a sentence and then go to our message board and send a personal message (pm) to Leah with your guess. One person with the correct answer will be drawn at random and will win a 3-month subscription to the kit club here at My Scrapbook Nook. Wow!

Other prizes include gift certificates to the Nook store, Quik Kutz dies and past Nook kits. Winners will be chosen at random from comments left on each design team member's blog so the more blogs you visit, the greater your chance to win a prize. The winners will be announced in the forum after the close of the blog hop.

The prize that I am giving away to one lucky blog hopper is: a $20.00 gift certificate to the online store!

Good luck! And remember: Don't wait to create! Join our scrapbooking kit club today-if you sign up for a 1 year subscription you'll receive a free kit to start and after a year you will receive your 13th kit for free.

The next stop on your hop is the tremendously creative LG ! Her work is just fabulous, so enjoy your visit.! The Nook always has an outstanding team...don't forget to check out the Nook's current DT-call! Apply today and who knows - you might be among the lucky ones who get spoiled by Pam & Leah each month...!

Just to send you off with some scrappy mojo - here's a layout I made with the August kit!

Enjoy the hop!


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