Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Ten of 2010

What a year!  We started with packing and primping to leave our old house and moved to living with the in-laws.  A renovation followed and we are finally starting to feel settled.  It was a year full of so much transition.  I am looking forward to quieter times.

This year has brought more of a balance in to my life in terms of scrapbooking.  I have tried to think carefully about my need to be on the computer constantly.  Finding more balance, I have focused more on living life and enjoying my family.  I had a rough patch early this year where my mojo and creative energy felt zapped.  But I feel a bit reborn with creativity...

As I look forward to next year, here is a look back at my top ten layouts of the year!  Well, actually...make it 11.  I realize most of my favorites involve Nathan and I needed to represent Ella too...LOL!  Do all scrappy moms feel like this!!

Funny how my tops show my favorite companies too! LOL!  When I look at these, the reason they stand out to me has little to do with design.  It has everything to do with the stories that I have to tell!

Good-bye 2010 and welcome 2011...I can't wait to see what you have in store!!!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do You Dance Enough...

To me, dancing is a sign of happiness.  An expression of joy.  A letting go of inhibition. We dance a lot in the Michaud household.  We have an antique radio on our kitchen counter and play it often during meals and meal prep.  My kids use the kitchen as their dance floor.

You should see the choreography they create.  They will often hear a favorite song during dinner and get up and dance.  It makes them happy and makes Steve and I laugh.  I love to dance and will use them as a excuse.  Spinning, dipping, sliding...causes the giggles.  In those little moments, between small, uncoordinated moves...I feel very centered, blessed.

Such a simple act makes me realize there is joy in the little things.  I would much rather my kids remember me one day as the mom who used to dance with them as opposed to the mom who took them to the Wiggles concert or who bought them some toy.

Then they can take joy in a little thing!

Here they are...dancing...well, more like posing with dance moves.

I used the Crate Paper Dec. sketch for this one!  I love these colors.  Crate hit it out of the park this year and I can't wait to see their new release!

Now my kids are caught on film.  I hope their love for dance continues.  And that they are forever happy enough to let go and engage in it!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Entirely too much...

...entirely too much TV, video games, leftovers, pajama days, lack of showers...that is what the past few days have looked like...

I don't want to budge

but we had not had enough salad, exercise, reading, cleaning...

maybe that is okay!

It is school vacation, after all...

Although Nathan misses his teacher.  You know he goes to the school where I teach.  We had a school-wide sing along last week and for the final number, the teachers get up and sing Frosty the Snowman.  I was one person away from Nathan's teacher.  I kept looking at him adoringly, thinking how cool it was that we get to see each other in our other roles. 

He didn't look at me once.  He was captivated, but it was not by me.  Later, when I asked him why he didn't look at me, he replied, "I was too busy looking at my teacher." least I know she can get his attention.  Actually, there is just enough caring, firmness, positivity from her.  Nathan is thrilled to go each day and is thriving.  He is reading, writing, listening, learning.  What a great start he has had and we owe it to his teacher!  She is setting the tone and has convinced him that school rocks!

Yes...insert layout here!

I am entirely too predictable...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Now I Just Need a Workout

How about you?  LOL!  I do love the holidays, but the food is bad!  I think the key is to lay off the leftovers now and show some discipline.  Hard to do when I still have Oreo Truffles in my fridge!  We had a great weekend...can you tell?

It is snowing like crazy here...the kids are over the moon and I am glad it happened over vacation.  It will help keep them happy and eliminate fights!

I am ready to just relax and scrap!  We got Wii from Santa so I am developing a bit of an addiction to Super Mario totally brings me back to my childhood!

Here are some shares!  I used Webster's Pages for these!  My style has shifted a bit...I really like more graphic, white space.  So I used the papers in that works, right?

My kids bring toys with them everywhere.  Or they try too!  I often have to tell them that they have to leave it in the car.  Drives me nuts, but it is a childhood memory I don't want to forget!

These are from this past summer.  I love grid like multiple photo layouts!  That carousel is perfect for this theme!

Hope you had a great holiday and have some time to rebound and relax from it!  I am going to share some pics of my scrap space this week!  So glad my room is done!

Happy Monday!

Friday, December 24, 2010

What will the fav be???

Every year the kids have a stand-out toy...something they just love.  It trumps everything elese for a short time!  I always try to figure out what it will be...

I worry about Nathan this year because his original list...the one Santa and every family member knows about, does not seem to be what he is communicating lately.  Oh well...

Here was his favorite toy from last year!

I used Teresa Collins here!  Check out the December Newsletter for some serious inspiration!!!  I just love it this month!

I am wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas Eve!  We are heading to my sister in-laws for presents and food!  It is sure to be a blast!

Merry, merry!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Only Two Days!

Every morning I get the countdown from the kids about how many days until Christmas.  That is the second thing out of their mouthes, right after they find our friendly house elf, Dash!  Oh Dash has been found many morning swinging from the chandelier, another hanging upside down from a hook.  It has been fun.  But there are only so many hiding places!!!

I have another Christmas layout...about the tree, yet again!  I had to once I saw these adorable chipboard ornaments! 

Growing up, my mom always had theme trees.  All gold for a couple of years, victorian with feathers and birds, the year it was all wooden...including the garland.  And she filled every single spot on that tree.  Wrapped every branch with the lights.  It was quite a sight and something I won't ever forget!

Off to finish planning the dishes I will make for Christmas!

Before I go, here is the January kit from the Nook!  Looks awesome, huh!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I Just Sat Back and Watched

We put up our pre-lit fake tree a couple of weeks ago...lugged the big ole boxes up two flights of stairs (thanks Steve!) and opened them up.  The kids beamed at the thought of decorating.  So this year, for the first year, they decorated the tree! 

My obsessive compulsive self had to adjust to an uneven distribution of ornaments.  There are too many green next to green and shiny next to shiny.  But it is all good...

Much more relaxing doing it this way! Here is a layout to document it!

This one came together quickly...thanks to the Noel line by Teresa Collins!  Look at this sheet of paper for the design blocks that I used!

I added some chipboard and pretty Petaloo flowers!

Supplies:  Bling, Paper, Chipboard, Journaling Tag:  Teresa Collins Designs, Ribbon:  Making Memories, Flowers:  Petaloo, Leaves:  Prima Marketing, Alphabet:  American Crafts, Adhesive:  Thermoweb

So for the first time, I sat back and watched...

It won't be the last time!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

...Christmas!  I have been scrapping our Christmas memories like crazy this past week.  Fun to capture the small moments from this year and last year that lead up to the big day!  I still have some errands to run, food shopping to do and wrapping of presents, but it is all good!  I am ready for family time and a break from work!

To celebrate the season, I made a very easy project that could be a gift for a neighbor, daycare provider or school secretary!  I think handmade gifts are special and come from the heart! 

Here is the project.  It was heavily inspired by the Pottery Barn gift catalog!

I love candles and the tapers are so pretty when wrapped up like this!  I also dressed up a simple box of matches!  Here are some close ups!

The sleeve for the tapers was super easy to make!  I just matted the gold patterned paper...don't you love that texture!  I cut the rectangle with all the typography from a sheet of Teresa Collin's paper!  Wrap it with hemp and and a bling button and you are done!

The matchbox was also easy with the use of my Scor-it!  Measuring and creating exact folds really helps this come together!  I layered some tags and chipboard to add the sentiment!

Placing a red berry pick really adds dimension!  See what I mean!

I used the beautiful Noel line from Teresa Collins Designs to make this!  I really love how graphic, yet soft and rich this collection is!  Too much pattern can make me crazy and I think this line is perfect!  You will see lots of it this next week!

I will be sharing Christmas stuffs everyday this week.  Well, I will try!  LOL!

Happy Saturday all!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Soo Cold

It is so cold...very uncomfortable...this weather makes me cranky...LOL
and lazy...

It does have a side effect that falls under the category of in hats.  Especially kids in hats with rosy cheeks.  How I love that!

Both of my kids are pale skinned and when they get pink and those meatball eyes peer makes me smile and warms my heart...

Ella has the cutest hats.  Like three sets of matching glove and hat sets!  I love this purple one!  This picture is actually older, I just haven't scrapped much winter!  The December Nook kit is great for Christmas, but also wonderful for snow and cold!  Check it out!

I did some hand cut work here to remove the curved shape from the patterned adds lots of softness though!  And I had to add some purple accents to provide contrast and go with Ella's hat.  Notice the visual it!

Something else that warms me heart...all my scrappy friends.  I got lots of love and positive comments yesterday and it means a ton.  This is a great hobby!

Now, 0ff to jump under the covers! 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When One Door Closes

Okay, raise your hand if you dislike this well known saying?  I have mixed feelings about it.  Because you don't use it unless something you like, have enjoyed or wanted is no longer available.  It can be used day to day when you don't get a certain job or when a relationship doesn't work out.  We used it a ton when we lost the first house we ever bid on.

So today I use it regarding a scrappy goodbye.  My year at Pink Paislee is over!  It flew by so fast and was beyond fun!  I am so honored that I was chosen to work alongside so much talent.  It is a fabulous company to work generous and well, who doesn't love the products?  The new design team will be announced next week and it is bittersweet, but I am excited for the lucky gals who will get the opportunity of a lifetime!

Here is my last official project for them.  I mentioned it was my last official project, but it is not the last you see of me using Pink Paislee. I am a forever fan.

I used the beautiful Father Christmas collection here!  The Santas are just so pretty and old-fashioned.  I wanted to use the circles as major focal points so I created this grid!  Look at Ella's face in these photos.  It was the first time she would let Santa come near her!

So one door closes.  The bright side and the side I like to live that others will open.  Here is to whatever surprises lie ahead!


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