Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Woodgrain Love

I love woodgrain and it seems to have a place in many recent collections.  Something about the warmth and the rustic feel.  It has presence without being busy.

I used woodgrain on two cards I made for the Lily Bee booth at CHA.  The Destination collection is full of gorgeous woodgrain papers and designs.

I went with lots of squares to make this first card.  I love the Polaroid frame paper and thought it was the perfect centerpiece for a card.  The globe is from the chipboard set.

I wanted this tag to be pretty and feminine...I visualized Valentine's day.  I am seriously in love with the heart bokeh paper.  I decided to add little touches of yellow to this tag.

Woodgrain love...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Musings: Things Have Shifted

This funny thing is kids are shifting.  I see them growing up...they are kids, no more babies.

It is weird because the topics have changed.  Conversations are sometimes more serious.  There is more self-expression, protest about which clothes they will wear, and more 'tude.  They want independence and are embracing responsibility.  There is a different sense of humor.

I have to say...I like it.  It has been fun to watch their personalities form...I know this is just the beginning.

I adore them...cherish my family.  I am counting my blessings each day.

I hope to be there as they continue to transform.  To give them boundaries, yet grant them the freedom they need.  I hope to teach them to fly so when the time is right, they are ready.  I will always be there.  

I got the new Destinations collection from Lily Bee and had to use it for a non-travel page.  I love the You are Here tag...and the whole page was driven by the Go See Do circle tag.  I want them to Go, See and Do.    Then I want them to come back and tell me all about it!  Every now and then, I would love an invite to tag along.

I think being here for this transition, this shift and the many more to come is is my life's purpose.  Our family of four will continue to hold tight, protest each other, cry when we hurt each other's feelings and laugh.  We will grow together.

Makes me happy to be right where I am.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

At Home: Lost and Found

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for an assignment over at Webster's Pages...the task=use objects found around the home on a project.

I figured, why not?  Then I started looking and started to panic.  There were typical home supplies like paper clips and doilies...but I wanted to go outside of the box more.  So I started to rummage.

Do you have a junk drawer?  I hate to admit this but many of my scrapbooking drawers are full of junk right now...(major purge coming).

I found these things...

Mail box stickers, some metal bracket, and a fun tag.  Then I started playing.  Here is the finished layout.

I decided to start at the top and work my way down.  I grouped many of the found objects.  I tried to put the metal bracket to good use by threading ribbon through it and creating a loop.  Those big letters make a fun statement and I like how bold they are.

Yummy colors in the Sweet Notes collection by Allison Kreft, huh?  They will brighten a winter day!

I cut one of the journaling card overlays with that line of hearts...I like the extra touch of black.

Not a bad way to use up your junk...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Trending: That Fat Top Strip

I can't help it.  I try not to put it on my I can't stop.

That top fat strip usually cut into a particular border.  I think it just grounds the page for me.  It is a common trend for me.

Take this page using the new Sweet Notes collection from Allison Kreft.

I started with the fat top strip...knew I wanted to cut it along the circles to make a scallop of sorts.  I think it gives a balance to the other elements.  I think it is because there aren't a lot of other patterns and papers on the rest.  

I incorporated the new mini bags...see the woodgrain, the trim and overlays for my journaling.  This collection is really fun.

I need a fat top strip intervention.  Or maybe I should just accept it?

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Be My Guest: Laina Lamb, Part Two

Hi there!  Back again with the second layout I created with Laina's newest stamp and die set from My Favorite Things!  I love the camera references in these sets and was super excited to see the Instagrammed stamp!  I use my phone camera a lot so I have many unscrapped, ready-to-go photos!

I grabbed one of my favorites and went to work!  I knew the Instagrammed stamp had to go front and center!

I also knew I wanted to incorporate the cute camera die as a part of my title...2 kids and a camera.  The Smile and Taken By tag are also in the set.

I used the Photo Op circle stamp along the top as well to match the other circles!  I seriously had a blast using these great stamps and dies...I plan to use these again and again!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Be My Guest: Laina Lamb & MFT

Who loves new product?  Scrappy goodies that really inspire?

I do!  I had the chance to play with Laina Lamb's newest stamp and die set from My Favorite Things. Laina is a super cool gal who is very talented.  She gets what is fun and you can see from her products:

Cameras, Instragram references, cute little sayings...I fell in love!  I am so thrilled to have been able to work with these products!  Here is one project I created with her goodies!  

I used the grid stamp from the Graph Paper Notes set to create the right side background...The Say Cheese is also a stamp in the set from the Captured Memories package!  See that cute little is a die-cut from the Cute Cameras set.  I just put Laina's die through my Cuttlebug and there it was as cute as can be!

I also stamped several of the word tags from the set...I like how they help tell a story!

You can find Laina's designs here at My Favorite Things.  I will be back tomorrow to share another layout using her goodies!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

At Home: Silly Time Weekends

We have decided to cut down on the screen time here in our household.  We noticed the kids were impatient and disorganized.  Having the distraction of screens has allowed them to focus better.

It has also created a lot more noise.  Giggles, indoor chases, pretend light saber battles.  Silly times.  I do sometimes wish there was a volume button, but I like the interaction.

It gives this one a chance to use his humor more.  He is silly, maybe even immature.  He is a bit shy about smiling because his teeth don't quite match his face yet...but on this day, we caught him laughing.

He comes out with great little quips, funny remarks.  It really wanted to document it because I wonder if he will be as silly as his dad when he grows up.

I used the new Teresa Collins He Said, She said line...this collection rocks!  I mean, it is really good.

I decided to cut the right side on the diagonal and make a cluster there.  That is a little random for me, but mixing it up is good.  Look at all the fun goodies! 

My kids are at a sleepover right now so my home is quiet.  Too quiet really.  I know within hours it will be filled up with silly times again.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Trending: Arrows Everywhere

It took me a long time to jump on the chevron and hexagon bandwagon...I love trends, but can get nervous about them.  Except for arrows, bring them on!  I love arrows of any sizes as well as chevron-like spearhead arrows.

Not sure if that is what they are called, but who is keeping track. The arrow took on an important role in my newest layout for Webster's Pages.  I went with a love and Valentine's Day theme...with that...Cupid came to mind!

Cupid shoots arrows, of course.

I love these little hearts on the Clean & Simple papers in the Modern Romance LOVE them. The forest green one really drew me in and I had to showcase it, one little strip at a time.  I started out with a criss-cross grid and then decided to use the chevron paper to make my arrow heads.  An idea was born.

I decided to bring the yellow around the page, overlapping with other colors.  To give the straight lines movement, I added that flower cluster.  I might be Clean & Simple, but I love a good flower cluster from Webster's.  

I am digging the arrow.  We might be casually seeing each other.  The frequency is more than I anticipated so it might be long-lasting love.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY and Family Time

I will admit that while I am not a big fan of winter, I am a big fan of winter weekends.  The cold makes it okay to stay indoors, wear pajamas all day and have family time.  I actually did put on real clothes this weekend and headed out to Lowes.  It was a DIY weekend as I installed a Rubbermaid Fasttrack System in my linen closet.  I have a list of projects I want to complete this winter, many of which involve organization.  If you know of any good organization blogs or sites, let me know.

In between drilling and measuring, we had good family time.  We have cut down on the TV and have added chores into the mix.  It is good for the brain.

In between the errands and tasks, there have been many family laughs and smiles.  I hold on to how lucky we are to have that.  Still think about how I am going to cherish that time.

Because this smile along with Nathan's makes every day special.

I used the new Allison Kreft collection, Composition & Color, to make this layout.  Swoon on this line...really.  Run to get it!

My journaling describes sunshine on a cold day.  I will take it...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Trending: Center Focused

Styles look at your work one day and think, "hey...I have seen this before."  That is when it is time to make a card, design a project or go with a different style on a page.

I really love pages that are split into fourths...3/4 vs. 1/4 or thirds...1/3 vs. 2/3.  (I keep telling my kids at school that fractions are everywhere in real life...).  That is my usual style.  Top quarter with stuff, bottom with journaling, 1/3 along the and journaling in the other third.

Lately, I like the center focused page.  When I create this way, it requires more layering.  There is a need for some uneveness and that element or three that go over the straight edges.


I started in the middle for this one.  Little photo with lots of elements. Not only does this layout have a center focus, but it has an attached mini album.
I decided to document my family's resolutions this year.  Since there are four of us, I needed a way to include lots of journaling. 
The paper clip holds it closed and flat.  Simply remove the clip and you have a little book! 
To see how this was created, go visit the Lily Bee Design blog!  I give some instructions to follow! 
Center focused, attached was a shake-up.  What can I say...I am a classic overachiever!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Life Interrupted: CHA Prep

yep, that time of year.  It only comes twice...last minute deadlines, quick turnarounds, securing layouts, mailing boxes...the smell of new product and this incredible desire to scrap!

It must be CHA time!  I happily received boxes from the companies I am blessed to represent.  I could have scrapped all day this past week.

Not that my back and neck would appreciate that...or my boss.

I will have many projects to share in the near future!  For now, I can post a layout using one of Webster's new lines:  New Beginnings!  This is a Brandin line...classic and Clean & Simple.  It is really gorgeous!

I made this a few days following Sandy Hook.  I feel so lucky to have my babies here to love and hug.  Not a day goes by that I don't remember and pray and vow to make things different.

I have faith they will be okay, they will grow older, but they will always be my babies.

I love this photo...even though I am holding my keys and it has several shadows...even though I dropped a glue dot on it and made a mark (which I replaced after this was taken).  I love this photo because it is a moment.  Me and my babies.
I cherish them and always will.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday Trending: Combining Shapes

Hexagons, Triangles, circles...oh my!  I love a good geometric shape...especially when they are combined together.  I think all the different sides and angles makes for interesting focal points.

I used several different shapes on the layout below. 

Some were simply a part of the paper.  See those circles on the bottom reminds me of old fashioned tin ceiling pieces...just gorgeous!  I like that they are in white with texture because it has just enough good stuff without being busy.

I wanted my photos to be the focal point so I combined the square number tag, the circular flower and the hexagons.  I also love the oval and sunrays...all those different edges bring the eye right where I want it. 

I sometimes get antsy about too many shapes and patterns, but works.  Maybe I am comfortable because many of the elements are pink.  That seems to tie them all together. 

I used the Allison Kreft Composition and Color line for this one...yummy stuff!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Favorite Layouts of 2012

So...I love this time of year when all my fellow scrappers are sharing their favorite layouts from the past 12 months.  So much fun to browse around and be inspired.

It has been a good scrappy year for me.  I have had many wonderful opportunities and have made really great friends in this industry.

This year brought bittersweet sadness as two of my long-time committments ended. Both The Nook and closed their doors.  I admit that I really miss working with the motivated me to scrap creatively and expand depending on the product.  I also ended a year of being an ongoing guest designer for Bella Blvd, a team I hope to revisit again someday!

Along with good-byes, I got to say a fabulous hello, joining the Lily Bee team.  Sometimes a door is opened when you least expect it.  I will continue with Teresa Collins and Webster's Pages...they are my family.  I scrap joyfully for these companies and it is a gift to stand alongside many of my scrappy idols.

I do hope to scrap more frequently this upcoming year.  To not be frozen by so many photos and just go...

For now, here are my top layouts in no particular order.

I just love these photos as they capture my daughter's love of life...I also dig the white space and sunrays.

This one also shows really fun photos and I wanted the rest of the layout to match that feel.  It just fell into place.

This one just means so of those mommy stories I have to tell.

I picked this one because it really expressed me at my most creative...that web was made from Lily Bee stamps.

Again, this one just sums up how blessed I feel.  It is about the subject as much as it is the design.

I love this page including the cluster of goodies.  This is one of my more reliable page formats.

Sweet photos, a winking Santa, that green background.  Love how this is structured with lots of movement still.

This speaks for itself.  I adore this guy.

Again, creativity that was initiated from an assignment.  I really dig all the bookplates.

Here is that familiar page format, but with the feels fresh.

I like the big elements on this one and the horizontal feel.

I just shared this one, but I really like it.  Free, layered, white space...meaningful.

I feel lucky to have a hobby where I can express myself.  There were many pages I didn't really care for this year...but at the end of the day, they are all favorites.  Because they are the moments of my life.  Recorded, documented, cherished.

Happy New Year!


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