Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family Memories!

My family lives about 40 minutes away from me, so unfortunately, I don't get to see them that often. I had the chance to have a family dinner on Sunday to celebrate my birthday (which is on Thursday). It was so nice to spend time with them. And, to my surprise, I got presents. A Pandora bracelet and some very meaningful charms! I didn't expect that and was a bit overwhelmed (yet extremely happy!!).

My sister Danielle was there of course! I had found this old picture of us a while back and have been waiting to scrap it. We took another one in the exact same position so I could compare. I used Dream Street for this one (gee, are you surprised! LOL!). Love the "Mod" colors--brought me right back to the 80s. This picture was taken in 1982. When I was doing the title, I actually had +16 all stuck down. Then, I realized that the picture was taken 26 years ago. Holy cow! Am I that old? I laughed and fixed it. Journaling reads: TeHe! I was 12. You were 4! We were cute! Here we are many years later. Time goes by so fast. At least we are still cute! May will still be in another 26!

Have a great day!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

In a Flash!

It is like someone flipped a switch within my son! He is turning four in just about a week and we have seen such a difference in him. The level of questioning, his observations, his conversational skills have all jumped. And, thank goodness, his behaviors are decreasing dramatically! It is not perfect yet, and maybe it never will be because he is an intense kid (like his momma), but it is soo much better. He can stop a meltdown before it really even gets going and then can listen to an explanation about the situation. Yippee!!!

So age four brings good things! It makes a teeny sad because he is soo grown up. No more baby, all little boy! So this layout celebrates him. I used Dream Street again! I am hooked. It is hard to find a good paper line for boy's, but Fun & Games rocks! I cut the star from one of the papers and added the brads. I folded one of the borders to give it more dimension! These letters are from the $1.00 aisle at Target! Score! Journaling on this reads: The closer you get at age 4, the more changes I see. You listen, can turn off those meltdowns and you love to help. And, shockingly, you actually stopped long enough to look, smile & say cheese. Oh, I love good ole 4!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Outside of the Box

So I think it is pretty important to step outside of the box every now and then. Taking risks and trying something new can be so energizing. These things also scare the heck out of me. Always have. I have missed out on many opportunities in life because of fear. Flying by myself this summer to meet new friends to go to CHA was soo outside the box for me. I was a nervous wreck, but the thought of "what if" was too powerful for me not to go! So the older I get (which will increase by one year next week!), the more I think it is important to just DO. Let go and have fun.

On a much smaller scale, scrapbooking allows me to test that philosophy out. There are lots of risk in sharing your work, having a blog, trying out for design teams. It has been good practice for me. This layout definitely is outside the box for me. I always try to incorporate a new approach or try to use an element in a different way. Well, these Dream Street papers spoke to me. I loved the frame and those cute birds. I wanted to create a little "nest" of sorts to frame my photo. I cut a slit in the paper, fringed the edges and then placed tulle underneath, allowing some to poke through. I think it works. Journaling: Your chubby cheeks, radiant smile, that infectious laugh. Without doubt, you are...one cute chick!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fly By Posting

Going to do a "fly by" posting---getting in & out! I feel like life is like that these days. Drive by cleaning, fly through the weekend, drive through dinner. I need to just STOP! Let the madness fly all around me. But not yet, I am flying out to work now!

Here is one I made with the new Dream Street Fun & Games line. Umm, so I bought a bunch of their papers, several different lines, and I am hooked. Love the quality, the colors, the patterns. I have done 3 layouts in 3 days! So more to come! Have a good one!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Doesn't it Go by Too Fast?

It is funny how most things go by way too fast. This weekend flew. I did manage to scrap, which feels great! The seasons seem to flash before my eyes and my kids are growing like weeds! Meetings at work, waiting for dinner at a restaurant, and being stuck in traffic don't go by fast enough! I have been playing with some Dream Street papers--they rock! Kelly Shults designed many of the ones that I have. I have met her from some other message boards and she is just so sweet and genuine. Makes using her papers even more fun!

Here is one of the layouts I made this weekend! My kids love "puddle jumping" because their Nana loves to take them outside after it rains to splash and have fun. We were on vacation when these were taken. Journaling reads: Yes, you are playing in the puddles wearing your pajamas. You waited for the chance to do this with Nana. In your glory, you splashed and played!

Simple pleasures! Even those go by too fast!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

I so solemnly pledge to pick up my scrappy things, choose some photos and just start playing. I will make something this weekend. I did a few things last week that I can't share until the October issue of ScrapStreet Magazine comes out. But there has been a dry spell. My Nook October kit will be here soon and I know that will help. Leah rocks and this kit is sure to please. But what to do in the meantime. Maybe you can help. Tell me what you do during a dry spell!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Goal Accomplished!

So, check another goal off of my scrapbooking dream list. I have been very blessed to have been published by one magazine/idea book source many times this past year---so grateful for that! But I wanted to have something picked up for a different print magazine. Well, it happened this past weekend. One of my layouts--one of my favorites--will be in Scrapbook Trends. I have been submitting to them for a while now--let's hope this is the first of many. Well, at least one more. LOL!

I have not scrapped much. Just trying to adjust to getting back to school. Thank goodness I have design team obligations to keep me going---forcing me to find mojo. I got to play with some Mr. Campy from Cosmo Cricket and this stuff is soo fun. Here is my finished product! Journaling: We thought you might be interested in the fishing pole, but never expected you to love it as much as you did. Daddy taught you how to cast & then reel it in. Of course, you couldn't have caught anything, but in your imagination you got the biggest fish & the biggest smile.

Hey, how come that goal stuff isn't working for things like exercising and losing my little belly pouch. Hmmm...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Missing Summer Yet???

Are you missing summer? I think that I am. I know my house is because it is a mess around here. I forget how hard it is to balance work, kids, a husband, and a house. I find that we are running out of milk, dishes are in the sink and my son is on his last pair of underwear today. That didn't happen just one month ago when Steve and I were both home. Oh, well. It is what it is! Here is a layout that I recently did and I love these photos. The journaling reads: This summer, you discovered how yummy ice cream tastes. We ate tons--cones, cups, sandwiches! Cold, messy-A perfect treat! This LO brings me right back to sunny days full of fun and ice cream, which I have cut back on now that I have to fit into my "school clothes" again. Another unfortunate side effect from the ending of the summer. LOL!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone! Woke up in a great mood and I am excited about many things! We are going to Mystic Aquarium today and I can't wait to see some old friends and enjoy the nice weather. We have started the Nook University contest and have over 60 people signed up to participate. Even if you are not doing the contest, you should come over for some really great challenges! It will get your mojo going! Here is a layout for one of my classes! Basic Math 100---hmmm, how does that fit you ask. Go check it out! Okay, off to get everyone dressed and ready!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Every Other Day Part I

Gosh, hate that I have to split up these posts, but Blogger will only let me show 5 pictures at a time...If anyone knows how to fix that, let me know ***Edited--thanks guys, duh!). Anyway, back to the topic, I have decided that posting every other day is probably all I can do! But that is not too bad! Think about it...if I exercised every other day, that would be great. Cleaned the house every other day...fantastic. I probably can't use this with some things like going to work, making dinner, taking care of the kids! Oh, I wash my hair every other day! Hmmm...

My son Nathan has this way of cracking us up every single day! Kids are just too funny sometimes. I needed to do this album to record it all! I used the Pink Paislee Shapes Topsiders to create the pages. The minute I saw them, I knew I wanted to transform them into an album! This may be my fav mini yet!

Every Other Day Part II

Wanted to share that one of my pages has been picked up for publication by Summer and Kimber for their upcoming Memory Makers Idea Book. It has been a few months since I got one of those happy emails, so I am pretty excited. Plus, I admire so many of the peeps who will be in there! Yeah!

Have a great day, today!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Love the First...

Love many first things, but particularly the first of each month. That is when the new issue of ScrapStreet Magazine debuts. I was so honored to feature the work of Stephanie Howell, Staci Taylor, Danielle Layton, Stacey Shook and Jenn McGowan this month in my journaling article! Check it out here! This layout was in the August issue in the article I wrote about using sketches. I love Pencil Lines and used one of their sketches as my inspiration! It is about Nathan's funny habits---those things that make him, well him! Journaling reads: 1. Bringing a toy/book whenever we go out. 2. Saying "I miss you" even if we have been together. 3. Throwing the covers over your head at bedtime. 4. Sipping, well chugging, sideways from your cup. 5. Holding your ears when you get tired.

Don't forget two important scrappy things: 1. Check out the calls for next month here! 2. Be sure to register at Nook U--the fun starts in just one week! Happy Monday!


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