Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Time to Shine

I love the idea of the word SHINE!  What makes you shine?  Sometimes we don't quite know, someone's strengths are not quite evident yet.  But I believe that everyone has strengths.  They just need to be put in the right situation to make them become apparent.

I had the opportunity to watch my son discover one of his strengths this school year.  It completely changed his personality and confidence level.  This once shy boy became a leader.  I guess that is why we encourage our children to try different things.  I used the July Inside Out kit to scrap about this year.

I am not quite scrapbooking like I once used to.  I can't find the time or motivation most days.  But I do love the craft and participating with Inside Out fills many needs for me.  I get to work with great kits with new products.  I also get to tell my stories.  That is why I always scrapped anyway. 
This is one story that I loved to tell.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Being the Opposite

Ella saw one of my latest pages and asked me a question about it.  "How can you be both fragile and strong?"  They are such opposites and she couldn't figure out how someone can be both.  I tried to explain that sometimes you have to be strong when you are really fragile on the inside.  From that place of fragility comes a brick wall, fortifying your spirit.

She didn't totally get it and I understand.  She will have a better picture as she grows older.

I used last month's kit from Inside Out Visual Journaling to create this page.  I love the feathers on this page because they are the fragile.  The woodgrain represents the strong.

I journaled along the bottom of the top border.  It is a personal page where I am looking for healing.  That is both strong and fragile.


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