Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dropping By

This month the Inside Out Visual Journaling kit focuses on the concept of being authentic.  I love that word...truly!  It is just a pure concept and I wish we could all be our authentic selves each day.

When I think about my life and this concept, I think of Steve and the kids.  It took me finding my authentic self to meet Steve.  The time was truly right when it happened.  Then our kids came and they drive me to stay as authentic as I can.

It is hard to stay patient and calm.  To be centered in the midst of crazy.  I fail a lot, but I wake up each day trying to be better and move closer to my authentic self.

This kit has this cool heart stencil and I used it to create a custom sheet of patterned paper.
And the words, of course.  The story behind why I scrapped about these three when thinking about being authentic.


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