Monday, November 30, 2009

The Christmas Season it almost Christmas already? Where did the summer go? I just finished scrapping Halloween...Thanksgiving dinner came and went! Time is flying...

I know it is Christmas because the beautiful December kit from The Nook arrived on my doorstep a week ago. I admit, it took me a few minutes to get into the Christmas spirit. I needed to see the yummy red, green and black paper line and all the embellishments. After a few minutes, I was ready to put on Christmas carols and have egg nog!

(Who doesn't like egg nog? That and popcorn balls are two holiday staples!)

I pulled out some photos from last Christmas and got to work. Here is a layout about my son's favorite gift last year, a toy train that goes around the Christmas tree. He played with it so much that it doesn't work anymore!

Here is a photo of the kit!

Be sure to visit The Nook as we are featuring a new and beautiful holiday card each day starting now until December 15!

I will share my first card on December 5th! Be sure to visit Scrapstreet tomorrow as the new December issue makes its debut!

Happy, happy!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Part 2

Part 2 of my Halloween layouts

Part 2 of overeating as I sit here very full not only from food overload on Thanksgiving, but also food overload today

Black Friday shopping...the deals weren't that great, but it is nice to complete 90% of my shopping all at once. The best part is the time spent with the girls--one of my favorite days each year!

I was awake by 4:15 and in my car at 4:45. No one should get up that early...ever! LOL!

So here are two more layouts using Twilight by Pink Paislee! I can't get enough of this paperline!

Wrapped: Ella seems to be the center of attention! LOL--she has a way of wrapping all of us around her finger!

Cuteness Alert: My two cuties in the costumes!

Nathan is sooo into super heroes right now! He loves to wear his Mr. Incredible costume around the house! It is pretty funny!

Hope you are all recovering from your food comas. Anyone want to start an exercise group???

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Holiday Behind

Yep...I just scrapped the heck out of Halloween. Yeah, I know that Thanksgiving is is what it is! I got some awesome shots this Halloween and there is this little line called Twilight that has motivated me to scrap All Hallow's Eve like no other before!

I think I might have convinced Ella to buy a purple costume just because I knew it would match the paper...LOL!

Here we go:

Layout #1: Boo-tiful:
My DD melts my heart! Imagine Prima on a Halloween layout!

Layout #2: Beware
This is one of those layouts I fiddled with forever. It has a little more freedom that some of my stuff and I am experimented with not being so rigid. (And all the people who know me are laughing right now!)

I scrapped my little heart out last weekend...just because!

Tomorrow is Turkey Day! We will have a bunch of people in our backyard to deep fry turkeys, then will head over to my MILs for a delicious dinner with my lovely family whom I totally adore. Giggle if you are reading...

Tomorrow will also have a few moments of silence. For Jason, who we lost last spring and who always was a presence on the holidays. That boy could cook...and he was the gentle observer, taking it all in at the party. And for Baby James who should be almost 6 mos. old, sitting up, smiling. You are missed. We know you are watching over us.

So much to be grateful for too, mostly Steven and my two beautiful kids!
Hope you hug all the ones you love tomorrow!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is There a Full Moon or Something?

because my kids have become possessed by something. Something that is resulting in constant arguing, hitting, high-pitched yells and lots of "No!'s". Seriously, it is a bit out of control.

I keep trying to use the Santa won't come lecture, but it doesn't seem to be working. LOL!

Here is a layout of them just being silly. They are with their cousin, Christian in this photo. See, they are starts off as fun, but then turns into mayhem!

Supplies: Paper, Chipboard, Journaling Tags: Earth Love by Cosmo Cricket; Alphabet: Nutmeg by AC; Mini-Alphabet: Jenni Bowlin, Trim: My Stash!

I love the concept of framing parts of or the entire layout! My friend, Staci Taylor does this so well! I really adds a ton of interest!

Speaking of full moons, I went to see New Moon and loved it. Really loved it. And I think I am switching teams. It has been great working with Edward, but I am all for Jacob now! Sigh...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Silver Lining

Every cloud has one right! Believing in a concept so simple can really help you march through life. Yes, terrible things happen, we don't always get what we want, we don't always act like our ideal selves. But after the rain, comes a rainbow. There are silver linings.

I have believed this for a long time. Adopted this attitude following hardships, mostly because I had to in order to survive and grow.

I wax philosophical because I could use a little reminder every now and then.

And because I literally created my own silver-lined clouds this weekend. Where you ask? On a scrapbook layout of course! I continue to have a thing for clouds. They have been totally overused everywhere, by everyone. But, gosh, they make me happy!

Here is a new layout about my daughter who never stops! I used lots of October Afternoon here. Gosh, there papers and products are so pretty.

Supplies: Paper & Journaling Card: Farm Fresh by October Afternoon, Chipboard Flowers and Woodgrain Letters: Cosmo Cricket, Buttons: BasicGrey, Clouds: Fancy Pants Designs, Foam Alphabet: American Crafts, Butterfly Punch: Martha Stewart, Bling: Prima

Who isn't happy just looking at these clouds? I am, even if I am exhausted after a day with my beautiful daughter!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

In Between

You know that in between stage from when you first start dating someone to when you decide to make it more permanent. You know you are interested, maybe even in love. You so want it to be the one. You play a little hard to get, acting coy, yet you keep glancing over to see if it really does feel right.

I find that I no longer participate in this ritual in terms of the dating scene (since I am happily married). However, this describes my current relationship with a scrapbooking layout. It is in between. It could take me days to decide what to do next.

I know it needs something. So I experiment. I set it up one way and leave it in a visible place. I look away, acting shy and then look back. I will even leave the room and then come in as if I don't know its there. I am waiting for the "just rightness" to jump out at me. I will rearrange and then start the whole flirtation over again.

I need a life huh?

No really, do you do this too??? Be honest!

Here is a layout that I did the same thing with. I added and subtracted and finally arrived at this!

Supplies: All from My Scrapbook Nook Fall Mini-kit featuring Little Yellow Bicycle

LYB has these cool transparencies. I cut this one up to fit the layout of my page. I also hand-cut those leaves from a piece of paper! In the end, I am satisfied.

Here's to hoping that happens with the one waiting for me to come back into the room. Wish me luck!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Time to Crop!

Who is looking for a good crop this weekend? I have the perfect place for you to visit! My Scrapbook Nook is hosting a virtual crop beginning today and going through the weekend! We have lots of very creative challenges, prizes and fun in store!

Plus, a lucky scrapper will win a January Guest Designer spot on the DT. All you have to do is play and make an impression and you could be the lucky winner. Details are here!

I am hosting a challenge worth a $5.00 gift certificate! I was inspired recently by the concept of opposites and decided to incorporate that into my scrapbooking. I pulled out my Graphic 45 and went to town! Here is what I created:

How would you incorporate opposites on your project? Using paper, shapes, sizes, photos or words? I would love to see so be sure to come on over to the crop and have some fun!

See you there!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My New Love is glorious, wonderful, keeps you happy and gives you lots to do! I am in love...

with my new iPhone. Who knew that you couldn't live without an app for the grocery store, being able to check your email every five minutes and unlimited access to Facebook? Giggle...not sure I needed another addiction, but here I am.

Speaking of great addictions, I scrapped on Sunday and actually enjoyed it again. LOL! I adore this hobby. It centers me and brings me joy. So, those moments when it is not flowing are difficult.

Made this layout using the November kit from My Scrapbook Nook!

We are about to host a great online crop this weekend! If you are looking for inspiration and good company, be sure to head over! I will be debuting a new layout for one of my challenges!

I am off to admire the shiny one I adore. Hope you get to spend time with your great love today too!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Double Trouble

Well, at least when I am referring to my two page layout! The subjects of such a layout involve three little rascals who love to do everything together! Nathan, Ella and Christian. They are all super-tight--call them the triple threat! My SIL, Sue, is such a planner. So she typically cooks up our seasonal adventures and I, thankfully, tag along! I am not taking advantage at all--things just go better when she is in charge! LOL!

Every year my hometown celebrates fall in a big way. Residents and business owners in the historic district create these elaborate and very cool scarecrows. We head down there each year and take a nice stroll. Well, I freak out about the kids being so close to the road and traffic and all sorts of irrational things. LOL!

I made a double page layout to showcase all of the cool photos I took!

All supplies are from the My Scrapbook Nook Fall Mini kit featuring Little Yellow Bicycle!

I am still in a funk--I have too many photos, too many papers, too many ideas. Couple that with a lack of focus and confidence. Double Trouble.

At least there is a great online crop starting over at The Nook! Leah just posted a great challenge with a cool prize up for grabs! The rest of the challenges will be up beginning next weekend! Be sure to stop by and check it out!

If time this weekend doesn't fix it, that probably will! Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ha! Ha!

So I just sat down to type my post and accidentally hit the publish button. Thus, an empty blog post showed up. If any of you came to visit during the time I hit enter and typed, you would see a date with no other information.

I am laughing because it sums up how I feel these days. The change of seasons or my lack of success or lots of obligations have gotten to me. A bit empty...

And I hate feeling like this because I have sooo much to be happy about. So much to be proud of...! I guess we all go through this though and it is my turn.

This feeling has translated to my scrapbooking. I just pushed paper around all weekend. Gorgeous beautiful paper and great photos. But blankness...I did end up with a layout and the theme is perfect for my mood lately.

I need to be grateful and appreciative, not down. Here is my reminder:

Supplies: (All from My Scrapbook Nook Fall Mini-Kit) All: Little Yellow Bicycle

I actually taught an online class on this layout here at the Nook.

Yes, I pushed paper around. It took a while to be inspired. But in the end, it turned out okay.

So, let the blank, empty post now be filled. Let me take steps to feel more like me. And it will all turn out okay...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had fun!

The kids are at a great age--they enjoy treat or tricking but don't want to go to far on our walk! LOL!

We hung out with family:

ate this using an old family recipe!

had a blast watching these guys!

I was actually teased (over and over) from family members about how my blog makes life seem super sweet. So yes, there was a fair share of Ella being a little s&*t and almost running out in front of a car, Nathan melting down because Uncle Jimmy wore a costume that was way too scary for kids. There was my dear husband and I bickering over who would do what. Aunts being loud, MIL's causing trouble, and SIL's picking on me as always.

But the truth is, all of that makes a family. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


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