Saturday, February 28, 2009

Look Who Stamped!

Me! Me! I actually stamped on a layout! Cosmo Cricket sponsored the team at ScrapStreet a few months ago and sent sooo many products! They are seriously generous! So I pulled out the stamps and decided to make my own background paper. I just planned it out and went horizontal, vertical, horizontal, vertical! The woodgrain is so cool!

I am wanting to try some new things because I feel like I lost my eye a bit. Can't tell if I like what I am making or not! LOL! I think I just need spring. And we are getting a huge winter storm on Sunday! HELP!!!

I have been busy with two fresh kids! Nathan is four and Ella is almost three. With those ages comes lots of backtalk and "No!" Nathan is trying to learn self-control---the other day he was in a time out for hitting his sister and was loud about it (what else is new!). So I told him he needed to be quiet while there or he wan't coming out. He wanted to, but doesn't quite know how to hold himself back. So he took both hands and covered his mouth. It was a riot! That is an attempt right? I had to walk away because I started to giggle. Oy! I am plan ole exhausted...

I did receive a "cozy" cushion this week from a friend. You know those small pillows that are filled with rice and some cinnamon--you put it in the microwave and it gets warm. It is seriously like a security blanket to me now! LOL!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Such Pretty Stuff

I love pretty stuff lately---especially pretty stuff within a scrapbooking collection! Only really works for my girlie, girl pages, but I make lots of those so it is all good! Over at the Nook, I recently asked which paper line people are NOT sick of yet. There were lots of votes for Making Memories Noteworthy. I actually picked Mr. Campy from Cosmo, but can wholeheartedly agree with MM. Can't you tell since I recently pulled it out from my stash! I did lots of handcutting and layering to make this layout documenting how my daughter is done with the binkie! She moved to a big girl bed and we agreed that the binkie couldn't go with her! No more cribs in my house!!!

Speaking of The Nook, here is a photo of the gorgeous March kit! It features Ever After from Cosmo. This is one of my favorite lines from CHA Winter and it doesn't disappoint!

And, last but not least, if you live in the Connecticut area--I have a cool announcement! My local scrapbooking store, Wiggles and Giggles is hosting a special evening and class with Sharon Ann from Little Yellow Bicycle! It will be held on Tuesday, March 3 with a meet/greet and dinner starting at 6:00, followed by a class! The cost is only $15.00!!! Wiggles is located in Wethersfield, CT. I had the chance to design with some of the Baby Safari line this week and it is sooo darn pretty!!! I can't wait for the class--and if you live around here, I hope to see you there.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Making Room

Since I had last week off and was in between design team assignments, I actually had time to scrap just because! I never mind fulfilling my DT roles and feel like I have produced my favorite layouts that way, but it was also cool to be able to dig into my stash.

Seriously, I have so much stuff. And here I sit ready to order more! I made myself dig into things and put them to use! This is one of the layouts I made! I had this picture in my pile, not used on a previous layout. Nathan's little face and happy smile kept looking up at me! I just had to scrap it!

You can see I went with the whole "pirate" theme, TeHe. Journaling reads: From the first second I saw you, my heart was yours. Nothing brings me more joy than your happy laughter, wide smile, and zest for life. You are so special to me & have taught me about true love. How did I ever get so lucky? You are my treasure. Somehow, I love you more each day. My heart belongs to you, Nathan. Now & for always!

What I am not using on my layouts, I am giving away! I do need to make room...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It is Like Clockwork

I have shared before that Nathan has a condition called PFAPA (which is an acronym for lots of medical words). Basicially, it is a persistent fever syndrome. He gets achy, lethargic and has nausea. He was getting the fevers every 9-14 days, but the last two have come about every 30 days. He got one yesterday literally 30 days since the last one. I still can't believe how patterned they are--I should believe it by now, but it never ceases to amaze me. A part of me so hopes that the fevers will stop and we will move past that 14 or 30 day mark fever free. But not the case so far. We know how to treat it now and can at least bring him relief. I am thankful for that.

I made this layout to document our struggles with it. When my husband saw this one he commented that it makes him sad. To see Nathan's beautiful face, his innocence and youth. Steve has said many times that he would take on the sickness for Nathan. I would do the same. The journaling reads: You have a condition called PFAPA or Persistent Fever Syndrome. About every 14 days, you are sick. You will outgrow it. But it effects us, you. One day, we will be able to see the positives. How flexible you have become, how Dad and I have learned to work together. It is making us stronger. Patience, prayer & time. We will overcome it, together...

I believe it we will overcome it and will be stronger, but I would still love for this to be the last one...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Loving Vacation

Oh, vacation! So nice to be able to sleep in, hang out with the kids, catch up on TV shows, browse the 2 Peas Gallery each morning. I am enjoying it and look forward to the summer! We actually had a dusting of snow yesterday! I am quite over it now. My kids on the other hand adore the white stuff!

Ella had so much fun trudging around this year. I crack up at the main photo on this layout because you can see the green of her pajama top sticking out! They are actually hand me down pjs from Nathan! Green and navy with dinosaurs. I usually stage things better than that! LOL! Love these KI sheers, although it is hard to get a photo of one!

Ah, off to enjoy some more free time (well, as much free time as you can get with two kids!) Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's Your Take?

News Alert: The Category Stories team has decided to expand our challenges and offer them two times each month. We are all so excited to be together, it has spawned great amounts of mojo and creativity! So we added a second category for February: Date Night! My take on the challenge is above! I had this wedding picture laying around for a while and wanted to use it. When I saw the cute little Making Memories tickets, an idea was born.

I used many of my leftovers from The Nook's February kit. Seriously, there were so many goodies in that one, I will be using them for a long time to come. I cut the black frame from a sheet of Creative Imaginations and laid it on top of paper from Sass! Journaling reads: I slipped on my silky ivory dress, grabbed the bouquet of wild flowers, and felt pure excitement. I couldn't wait to see you. I imagined how handsome you would be in your suit. Once there, I took a deep breath and turned the corner. There you were. And all was calm. I smiled and began my walk, eyes fixed on you the whole time. Our wedding day. I'll never forget that feeling.

The options for a Date Night project are endless! Come on over and play! Be sure to link up your projects for a chance to win a great prize from TallyScrappers! Can't wait to see how you are inspired!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

In The Spirit Of Valentine's Day

Since Valentine's Day is all about love, I thought I would share this layout with you! Talk about love and obsession--my kids often cherish their favorite toys. Nathan literally has a shrine in his bedroom. He places all of his favorites on his dresser. He has this habit of looking for matching or connected toys. Like he will find all the Nemo things we own and group them together. I had to actually tell him that we needed to clean it all up yesterday because it was out of control. Ella is in love with all things dolls and Cinderella! She asked for this Dora doll for months. And, on Christmas morning (when these photos were taken), she was not about to share.

Look at that glare she is giving me. Back off b**tch is what her eyes are saying! LOL! What she did say in her little voice was "Its Mines." Love how kids talk! Like when Nathan doesn't hear us or doesn't understand, he says, "What you says?"

I am so glad I got these photos. When she is a teenager, I will whip them out and remind her that the attitude has been there all along. Journaling reads: Ella, you sure do have a mind of your own. And, when you love something, you adore it. Case in point! I just wanted a picture. That look and those words let me know Dora was off-limits. Okay, maybe not.

I actually used my stash to make this layout. And it felt good! I handcut the heart and put lots of love into it! Capturing those memories (to use as blackmail later!)

Oh! Almost forgot! I had one of my all-time favorite layouts picked up for publication in the July 2009 issue of Scrapbook Trends. I am super excited! Can I get a Woot!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Explains It!

...why I haven't been here in 5 days!

Giggle! I can be a moody person. When I am withdrawn, I like to refer to it as "focused". When stressed, I get cranky. And I often need to be away from all others. It has been quite the week at work. Why is it that everything hits all at once? I can't complain too much, because the reality of the situation is that I love my job! Being a special education teacher is the most amazing opportunity and I have learned to find accomplishment and joy in the small things. With that said, this week--yuck!

But February vacation is only hours away and I can't wait! Spring is just around the corner, I can feel it with the longer days and the warmer air. I have taken a few days hiatus from scrapping, so I am looking for to grabbing my stuff and going this upcoming week!

This week wasn't all tough and I have good news to share! I recently applied for a design team position for a new paper company, Marks Paper Company. Their stuff is really cool and very much my style. There were about 200 applicants. They chose 6 designers, and I was not one of them. (My girl Ching was though and I am sooo psyched for her!) However, I was asked to be the guest designer for the month of June! I will take top 12 out of 200--I am getting a little closer right! LOL!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

When It Rains...

When it rains, it pours! Two outings with my girlfriends, two outings with heavy, delicious food! Three articles due for the magazine and tons of paperwork at school. I was just thinking last week about how I was a bit bored...apparently I did not look ahead enough! On Thursday evening, my "Girl's Night" girls and I went out for a fancy dinner to celebrate Jenn's birthday! Jenn is seriously one of the kindness, most supportive people I know! Her energy is just plain good, pure! We had a blast, feasting on appetitizers, entrees and four different types of dessert! I still haven't recovered, yet tomorrow I am heading out to brunch with the gals in the layout above. Marcia and Tina have been in my life for over 20 years! Crazy, huh! The journaling on this layout reads: How many times have I laughed with you, cried with you...found comfort with you, argued with you. You have always been forever friends!

Speaking of friends, I am spending some time this weekend with my online ones! The Nook is having a huge virtual crop! Up for grabs are two guest designer spots (April and May)! All you have to do is complete the given challenges by Sunday and you are eligible! We have so many cool challenges up! You really should check it out!!!

Hope the rest of your weekend is full of friends, food, and fun!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So Into the Mini Lately!

No, not mini skirts! That was in my younger days! LOL! Mini albums! I made this one using my February kit from The Nook! The title is Love, Yes and it is all about the fads that my family is currently into! I figured that I would appreciate it ten years from now when I look back and see that the Blackberry was the hot phone! I wanted to keep the cover simple, yet interesting so I rolled some strips of paper into little tubes to make a 3D background for my title! I first saw this idea from my very talented friend, Staci Taylor! I used lots of Jenni Bowlin journaling cards as actual pages. If you would like to see a class on this, go here!

Speaking of The Nook, we are having a huge virtual crop this weekend! Girls, the theme and challenges are soo much fun! You won't help but be inspired! Even better, there will be prizes and even an opportunity for you to be a Guest Designer for either April or May! Yep, guest designer! When you sign up, be sure to tell everyone that Stacey sent you!!! It starts on Thursday, Feb. 5th and goes through Sunday, Feb. 8th!

Any way, here is my mini already!

Hope to see you at the crop this weekend! Have a lovely day!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lovin the First of the Month!

Happy February! A time when love is in the air (except when Steve and I have cabin fever and are ready to kill each other, a month closer to spring (it is tooo cold!), and a month where I get a week off from work (extra scrappy time!). I am excited to share some stuff with you today.

First, the new catergory is up over at Category Stories! I love the prompt of "What I Love About..." as it is wide open, allowing for lots of creative freedom! The team is just so creative and I am truly inspired by them. Go check it out! Our cute little pictures are up along the sidebar! Yes, another self-portrait outing!
Here is my layout for the month. Journaling reads: I love how the two of you have bonded recently. You are quite aware that Cooper is more than just a dog, but a part of this family. This relationship will teach you about loyalty, responsibility, and kindness. Mostly, it will teach you about love! Be sure to link up your project by Feb. 28th to be eligible for a RAK!

In other great news, I have been invited to be a Tres Chic Guest Design for Scrapperie. It is another awesome forum with very friendly peeps and lots of talented ladies. I have been so lucky to find such cool places! Thanks to Sandi for the opportunity!

And, of course, I am all giddy about the Feb. issue of Magazine. I am still in love with this gig! My journaling column was all about using poetry on your layouts. Poetry you find, but also poetry you write. My guest designers (Jen, Nicole, Crystal, Brianne, and Stephanie were such good sports!) Here is a project I did for last months magazine when our sponsor was the very generous Cosmo Cricket!

How are you kicking off your February!?


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