Friday, April 30, 2010

Inspiration Station

Welcome to my stop along a trip filled with inspiration! It is our mission this weekend to share some fab Mother's Day project! Simply leave a comment between now and Sunday at 5:00 PM CST, and you will be eligible to receive this awesome prize pack!

Today, I am sharing a Mother's Day Project that is sure to make any gardener or cook very happy! I love to make handmade gifts and stalk the aisles of my local stores looking for cool things to alter. I had great luck on one such trip and was able to create an altered project complete with a darling gift card holder...think of it as an herb garden on-the-go! I love the fact that the "packaging" is a present all in itself!

Here is it!

Here is how I made it!

First, I purchased the inexpensive metal plant holder at my local Michael's store. It came with plastic pots, so I substituted them with these pretty green, metal ones. They needed a bit of jazzing, so I applied the Bayberry Cottage rub-ons directly on the metal. Stuck with no problem and adds so much beauty. I filled one pot with parsley and one with sweet basil. To finish it off, I stuck a skewer into the pot and topped it with a stamped bee from the Queen Bee collection! A small Punch-out acts as a label! Easy peasy and so pretty!

I wanted to decorate the metal flower box a bit so I dressed it with a simple flower. I layered a Ribbon Pleat flower right on a Punch-out and finished it with a brad. I used glue dots to adhere the flower right to the box.

Tucked behind it you will notice another goodie! It is a custom-made gift card holder. I plan to put a certificate for cooking lessons inside, but you could easily do Bed, Bath & Beyond or a garden store!
Here is the gift card holder:

To make the envelope itself, cut a rectangle that is 8 inches wide X 8 1/2 inches long. Along the 8 1/2 inch side, make score marks at 2 1/2 and 6 inches. Turn the rectangle and make score marks at 2 and 6 inches. Fold along the lines. Then, cut off the the top left and right sides along the folds. Cut the middle portion as well about an inch lower than the fold. Cut off the bottom left and right portions along the folds. This is what you end up with:

Fold the two outside flaps in to the center. Place adhesive on the bottom flap that is facing you and then fold up to stick together the bottom and the two flaps. You will have an envelope complete with a little pocket!

I decorated it with two Punchouts from the Queen Bee collection, handcut a blossom and added an alphabet! Viola! A handmade gift!

Here is the project again!

(Supplies: Queen Bee paper collection, Ribbon Pleats, Bella Brads, Stamps & Punchouts, Expression Licorice Alphabet, Bayberry Cottage rub-ons all from Pink Paislee)
Don't forget to visit the other fabulous Pink Paislee design team member's blogs for a chance to win the awesome prize pack! I know you will pick up inspiration along the way!

Jen M.:
Kayla Aimee:

Happy travels!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend Celebrations!

Exciting things coming this weekend! My Scrapbook Nook is hosting a blog hop and you don't want to miss it...the prizes are awesome...truly! Stop by the forum Saturday morning for details!

While you are joining us, check out the May kit featuring October Afternoon...this one is so lovely!

Here is a layout I created! Love all the OA goodies that add so much!

But wait...there is more

Be sure to visit Friday to see what I am talking about!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Sweetie Pie


Let me say that I am so proud of the who you are and all that I know you will become. You are so special and I am honored to be your mom.

We were all in the family room tonight. Daddy, Ella, and you were snuggling all together and I was on the far end of the couch reading a magazine. After about 15 minutes, you called out to me. "Mom, why don't you come and join us over here on the couch. I will move my Transformers so that you can read your magazine here."

Just because you wanted us all together in a full out family cuddle. Because you truly care about others, notice others and consider others. No one asks you to do these things, yet you do them. Every day, freely from your heart.

It was such a little act. But it was full of kindness.

I adore you.

(Layout featuring Pink Paislee, completed for Monochromatic Monday. See the blog post here to learn about it!)

How can I not when you have eyes like that!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lazy Thursday

After working like a dog to paint Ella's new room, I decided to just chill today. We met with some contractors about our kitchen and bathroom renovations and the prospects have me super excited. I can't wait!

We are trying to adjust to new routines and spaces:

He is just happy all the time lately. While grocery shopping with Steve yesterday, he found these cool shades and thinks he is something else with them on!

She is driving me nuts with her fresh mouth and yelling. Oh, I remember age 3-4 with Nathan and it won't be pretty! Although she is pretty, isn't she...melts my heart in spite of the tude!

They are so happy in the new house. I can't get over the smiles and how much more they play outside. It is a good thing to witness and makes me even more comfortable with our decision.

He is also in his glory. What dog wouldn't be with a huge yard and a little sidekick named Zoey?

Life is good...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creative Bursts

I am looking for one...LOL! I guess it is natural for the creative mode to suffer when you are in the midst of paint, overdue articles and the need to go grocery shopping.

It will come back, right?

I might be relying on sketches a little more often during the next couple of weeks while I make this transition. I will admit that I am not a sketch girl. It is too literal, my interpretation. And often I have an idea in mind and the sketch doesn't seem to fit. My end result often looks much different than the sketch.

I had to stretch my creatively and use a sketch for my Sunday post over at the Pink Paislee blog. I will admit that I have the photos in mind and knew I wanted to overlap the title on one of my photos. But the sketch I used helped me come up with the sun on this layout. So it worked out great!

I had this thought a while back to create a rainbow using the Ribbon Pleats from Pink Paislee. Because of how they are sewn, they have so much movement and give. I put a different colored piece of bling to match the colors of the rainbow.

Makes me smile...the simple things, right?

Now if only my mojo would reappear...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

This is Home

All this house talk about what will happen when, where can I shop to decorate, when will we find a contractor almost made me forget what is truly important. But I have realized over the past few days that anywhere is home as long as Steve, Nathan and Ella are there. They are my world and provide me with all the shelter and comfort that I need.

Not that I don't love shopping at Pottery Barn kids...LOL!

Here is my family. The bottom shot is from a few years old...look at how small Ella was! And then, the top is from just last year. Time flies, huh?

I used a sketch from Kristine over at Creative Scrappers. The design team members from My Scrapbook Nook were lucky enough to serve as guest designers this month! We all used the April kit featuring My Mind's Eye!

Off to spend a Sunday morning at home...with the people I adore the most!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Alive, I'm Alive

covered in dust and newspaper ink, tired of smelling cardboard, feeling overwhelmed by the lack of space and time there is to organize my life right now...but it is all good.

Why...I can see the future. I am experiencing the now. I went for a run today in my new neighborhood. Steve and I took the kids for a bike ride and weren't afraid of a busy road. I have cooked dinners in my kitchen and have decorated the dining room. My scrappy stuff just got unpacked.

We are living with my in-laws, who have been amazing. They are trying to make us feel like this is our house. Steve and I look forward to completely moving in soon, but also know that our kids are getting precious time with Nana and Grandpa. Nathan beams everyday when he sees her.

Yes, it is tight right now. There is a lot of stuff to be done. But it is all good.

Even the DH and I are making our way through exhaustion and stress...taking time to talk about all of our grand plans. Connecting over the life we have built.

Brings me to this layout. Steven and I banter. A lot. We have a back and forth that is teasing, jabbing, and bickering. It can turn into more, but for the most part it helps us burn off steam.

Our family has this thing where we compare the state of affairs to the weather. Is is sunny and bright or partly cloudy? Stormy means there was fight. It is a cute thing that sisters in laws and mothers say to figure out things.

It calls for a layout. I decided to use some weather elements to go with the theme!

So things are pretty sunny right now, a light's to hoping they stay that way!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Pleasure!

A short while ago, I received an email from Dana over at Ally Scraps asking me to be a guest designer. My answer was an enthusiastic YES! Ally Scraps was actually my first online home when I initially started this whole DT quest. It was a fantastic forum full of sweet, friendly gals!

And they have a great stock in their store! I decided to play with some new Sass to complete my assignments. Grabbed a little Cherry Delicious and some Apple Jack, mixed in some Cosmo and Jillibean and I was good to go!

I forget how much I adore Sass until I start playing again. The little glitter alphabet was my favorite!

Here is a layout I created. I loved the vintage toy images and knew I had these pictures of Nathan and Ella holding favorite toys. So I was inspired. The cute number stickers nudged me to do a list of the things they presently love!

I made several layouts all in a few hours...this collection is so fun! Be sure to head over to the AS blog to see many other great projects as well as the new sketch for their current contest!

Happy Thursday! (well, almost Friday...LOL!)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I have hit a wall

sooo tired and really feeling like I can't get it all done. I know its just because Mondays and Tuesdays are hard. Hard even when I am not packing to move in just a few days or hard when I have all sorts of projects due, but no energy. Hard even when Nathan doesn't have a fever.

I just have to get to Weds. when I can put in some time for packing after school. I just have to abandon the thought that I can get everything done in an orderly way. It ain't happening...

but in the end it will get done right?

I think I need to send myself this gift right now...Give me some butter cookies to go with the jam and I will be all set! At least for a few minutes! LOL...

This project appeared on the Pink Paislee blog last week and I gave a tutorial on how to make that flower!

Now if only someone can give me a tutorial for moving...that would be helpful!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Every Little Bit Helps

every little bit find my center, and to stay there. Which is the greatest trick of all! Daily kisses from the kids, scrapping, and exercise (which I need to do more of) help.

I have another fascination...which I have witnessed during my packing episodes. I love self-help books. Most are about the universe and the power of positive thinking. Some are based on phrases and sayings that resonate with me. Many are on the Oprah book club list!

When I spotted the cute owl in the Little Boy Blue line by My Mind's Eye, I had the idea to do a layout about seeking wisdom. I just happened to have a self-portrait of me reading one of those self-help books.

This is the final result:

All supplies came for the April The Nook kit:

Pretty great, huh!
Have a great Easter weekend...may the wisdom be with you!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

For Now Anyway...

This is my closet...right now...March 2010. All of my favorite things in one small place.

I was inspired to make this layout after seeing Celeste Smith's awesome card using the little Maya Road hanger. I thought...that hanger is super duper cute. And the thought of my closet popped in.

Maybe it is the move or just the need to find new topics, but I have been into scrapping about things. My everyday, all that surrounds me. How fun to look back one day at all the small things!

And, my closet is pretty small! LOL!

Here is the layout, complete with hangers.

All supplies are from the March Nook kit featuring Pink Paislee!

Take a good look now, because in just a few days, that closet will be empty!


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