Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to Work

Today is d-day. I am back to work. There are pros and cons. Overall, I have a great job with a great schedule.

Hope all is well! The scrappy world seems kind of quiet lately. I am wondering if it is because of the back to school aspect for many. Hope it is not more than that!

Here is a recent layout. Nathan is way too big for this bike. We realize that, but he loved riding it and developed great confidence. So we let him. We giggled a bit everytime we saw him. Think Kermit the frog.

Supplies: Paper: Cosmo Cricket Ledger (the boyfriend), October Afternoon; Stickers: October Afternoon, Alphabet: American Crafts Nutmeg font; Other: My stash!

I think I know what Santa is bringing him. LOL!

Happy Monday & wish me luck for my first day back!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday or Friday?

I haven't been able to keep it straight all it Thursday or Friday. Either that is a good thing because I don't really have a schedule or it is a bad thing because I am running around more lately getting ready for school!

Now I can just look at my blog post date and be sure! LOL! Busy around here trying to end DH's softball season, get the kids signed up for fall activities, start my school work and scrap. All good things though, so no real complaining!

I posted over at The Nook the other day about having Overscrapitis, you know that disease where you actually scrap too frequently and lose your eye for what looks good and what doesn't. I might have it! I did this layout and I am not sure. I used a highly patterned background, which I don't usually do. I love the way it looks on others, but not so sure for myself. Classic overscrapitis, yeh?!

This is Ella with her Auntie Sara, who is also known as the cool auntie! She dresses trendy,has a great haircut, and totally spoils Ella. Ella is drawn to her. I have a feeling that will only increase as Ella gets older.

Supplies: (All from August Studio Calico kit) Paper: Lilybee Designs French Couture, Collage Press, Sassafras, Studio Calico, Basic Grey Lemonade; Letters: Jenni Bowlin; Clear Bling: BasicGrey; Black Bling: Heidi Swapp, Scallop Frame: My Mind's Eye, Crepe Paper: Jenni Bowlin

I created the flowers using the JBS scalloped crepe paper. I simply cut off two scallops at a time. Fold each one in half. Overlap six of them going around in a circle. Place something pretty in the middle! Done!!

Off to enjoy the rest of (hold on, I have to look at my blog post date...) FRIDAY!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So giggle at my post from yesterday! I often wonder why I am the one who is teased the most in groups. Well, yesterday's post sums it up! I am a easy target...99% of the time the teasing is done in good fun! So, I can take it!

Giggle at this cute story about my daughter! I recorded a recent conversation we had and used it as my journaling.

Journaling: We have this nightly ritual where I tuck you into bed. We play games, professing our love. One night, you touched my face and said, "Mom, I love you big AND little." Your eyes got wide and mine did too. "Wow, that's a lot of love!" I replied. "Yep, it is," you finished. And I felt every bit of it for you too! I love you big, little and all the sizes in between.

Supplies: Paper: Crate Paper, Pink Paislee Cupid; Chipboard: Basic Grey Lemonade; Buttons: Basic Grey; Alphabet: American Crafts Platform, Basic Grey.

Off to giggle more with the kiddos. And I am sure at myself...

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Made Up...

...a new word. Yep, combined the words chilling with the word relaxing to make the word "chillaxing." Sure, it sounds a bit Snoop Doggy Dog, but I like that feel. Laid back, just enjoying. I hope to be able to do some of that this last weeek of summer!

Edited: Okay, so I am a dork. This word has been around forever according to DH, anonymous bloggers and Sasha. I am just now getting cool enough to know about it! LOL! Whatever...just ignore me and look at the layout! LOL!

It really is what we did for the end of June, all of July and August. My very grown up almost five year old will go to his new (pre)school today for the whole morning. I have noticed a change already where he is acting more mature! We decided a long time ago to hold him out of kindergarten since he is an October birthday. The extra year can only help!

Here is the layout, BTW, the one with the word I did not really invent:

Supplies: (All from the August My Scrapbook Nook kit) Paper: October Afternoon Road Map, White letters: American Crafts, Colored Letters: October Afternoon, All Die-cuts: October Afternoon

Journaling: You two love to just hang out and enjoy all that surrounds you. Could you sit any closer this day at the reservoir? The funny thing is that you are often found right next to each other. By your own choice. You really are the best of friends just...chillaxing!

I handcut the clouds. You know I have a thing for them. They spew happy, fluffy, dreamy! Made the sun by cutting out two of the yellow pinwheels from the patterned paper and layering them! I love this picture because they are so close to each other. They often are! One day at the ice cream store, they spontaneously hugged while we were in line. The owner was so touched she wanted a picture of them to add to her photo wall!

Off to work for the day! Hope you get to have some time to chillax!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Every Last Second

Last week of summer and we are working on squeezing every last second out of it! I really have enjoyed all this family time.

I haven't scrapped one summer, water picture yet! I have a ton that I just printed off so that is my next goal! Of course, I am starting that project just when all the fall papers and kits are coming out! LOL!

Speaking of fall kits, the September Nook kit will be featuring gorgeous products. We are talking Pink Paislee Amber Road papers, Maya Road pins, Making Memories alphabets, and Prima. If you haven't signed up yet for a subscription, you need to! Leah has shared a bit of what is coming up in the next few months and it is amazing. Pleus the DT is so creative and will help provide inspiration if you need it! Run over now--it is a great deal for the price. When you sign up, be sure to tell them that I referred you!

Since we are on the subject of fall, here is a layout I did about my October 2003wedding. We will celebrate 6 years of marriage this year! I still remember the day and adored getting married in the fall!

Supplies: Paper: Basic Grey Ambrosia, Flower & Felt: Prima, Letters: American Crafts, Basic Grey, Tags: My Mind's Eye, 7 Gypsies, Charm: Making Memories Vintage packages

Who would have thought that Basic Grey Ambrosia would be used so often on my wedding layouts! Oranges and reds and elegant!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Cute Things

My two kids come up with the cutest things! Their interpretation of the world and all they see/hear is just so entertaining to listen to! Ella has many phrases and words that she repeats over and over! And she chooses words like "speak" instead of "talk." Her vocabulary is astonishing.

We are a family known for giving nicknames. Nathan will give anyone a nickname--he can't help himself. I think he looks at it as a way of showing you that he cares! Ella coined this phrases a few months ago...everytime she can't find her male counterparts like Nathan, Daddy or her cousin, Christian, she will say, "Where are the guys?" Actually, (another word she is famous for using) she will often say, "Where are MY guys?" like she owns the world. She just might one day...

So here are the guys! Aren't they both so handsome? And twins!

Supplies: (All from the July Studio Calico kit) Paper: Making Memories, Studio Calico, Scenic Route; Chipboard: Maya Road; Alphabet: K & Company; Buttons: Stash goodies!

I love this alphabet from K & Company--I think it is the slight shine they have! I outlined the edges with a black marker because it makes them stand out against the Kraft! A little tip--do your outlining while they are still adhered to the packaging! Watch your fingertips because the marker doesn't easily dry on the plastic. I took apart the Maya Road ticket album to make these cool, dimensional photo mats! I love how the picture is lifted up--I will be doing that more!

I have to go into work today. Not so cute, huh? ACTUALLY, I am getting excited to see all of my kiddos from school!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Can Feel It... is almost back to work time! I can feel it--this need to get things organized, to be more productive each day! Nathan is going to preschool this year and I am very excited about this new adventure!

I have lots of work to do to prep for the new school year and I will have lots of challenging students to work with! But, I know it will be rewarding and worth every second.

In honor of losing my free time, I am going to try to get my scrap on as much as possible. Of course, that will interfere with all the prep work I have to do! LOL!

I think Steve and I need one more date night before the summer is over. Anyone want to babysit? We have never actually left our kids with a babysitter over than family members and we might need to research how to find one! My niece Alyssa will be great in a few years! That inspired this layout! I loved the stem-looking things on the red paper--how it looks like a growth chart! The idea to add flowers to the top popped in! Different colors for me here, but I think they are young and fun!

Supplies: Paper: Studio Calico, Sassafras, Basic Grey; Crepe Paper: Jenni Bowlin Studio; Alphabet: Sassafras, Scenic Route; All from the August Studio Calico kit

Journaling: Just a few more inches, a few more years and you will be at the prime age to become a fabulous babysitter. You'll be perfect for the job. Always helping the little ones, you are a great cousin. I totally trust you with Nathan & Ella. Especially if it means Steve & I can go get dinner. Right now you are a babysitter in training but someday, sooner than later, you'll be ready. I'll be ready too!

A few quick notes: I had two pages picked up by Scrapbook Trends Magazine! One for the Quick and Easy Idea Book, and one for the January 2010 issue! Sooo psyched!

Get over to The Nook and join the Strut your Scrap contest! Details are here! Super easy with the potential for great reward!!!

Happy Tuesday all!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Ahh, wouldn't it be nice to have this dream job. To be an author, write novels, go on book tours and own my own house at the beach instead of just renting one! LOL!

Instead, I just realized that there are only two more weeks until summer is over. I love my job, but I love my family time more!

I will just have to remember how great this summer has been--We had a blast at the beach--it was a different year. The kids played in the sand or water without really needing us every second. So the word "relaxation" did apply! I poured through two books and numerous magazines this week. I ate ice cream almost every night. Here is what our week looked like!

I missed my bed though and we are all glad to be home. Maybe one day, Steve and I can own a beach cottage and I can decorate the way I want. Oh, and I can have central air. Two teacher's salaries might not get us there though... hmmm... how to make that dream job happen?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quality Family Time

Without doubt, this week has been full of quality family time. When we go away as a family, we really go away as a FAMILY! My sister-in-law and her DH have a son the same age as Nathan, and we tend to do all fun, family things as a unit. She rents one cottage and we rent one about 4 houses down.

That means Nana, Auntie, and Nonnie (my mom) come for overnight visits. I love the memories we are giving to the kiddos! I have probably taken about 400 pictures by now!

Speaking of Nonnie, here is a layout that is in Magazine. If you haven't checked out this issue, run over there and do so immediately. This picture was an accident. Nathan, Daniel, and my mom were hanging out. Ella came over. Xavier came over. I was taking photos and realized the importance of getting the rest of the grandkids in the shot, QUICKLY. Because the natives get restless.

I forced some of my nieces to get in and to look happy! LOL!

This photo makes me smile. But it also makes a little bit sad. It was taken only a few months before baby James was born. Thinking ahead to next year, there should be 8 grandkids in the photo. But there won't be.

But, I won't focus on that because the joy my mom has for her little chicks is quite obvious!

Journaling: You are usually surrounded by you grandkids. Nearest, farthest, oldest, youngest…they each adore you for different reasons. It usually has something to do with how you spoil them rotten.

Home soon! I miss the kitties but I know they are being watched out for!

Hope everyone is having a fab week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well, It Sort of Fits

No, we are not in the woods, camping in a tent and looking at for bears. But we are still spending 90% of our time outdoors this week! Time at the beach is pretty relaxing.

Except that I need to stay under an umbrella most of the time. I am almost vampire-like with my reactions to the sun! Now, Steve turns a nice shade of brown when he is in the sun for like 3 minutes.

Vacations sure have changed over the years. I remember flying to Paris, driving to Key West in a convertible and dancing at the clubs in Maimi until the wee hours of the morning! Steve and I used to go white-water rafting every year. And he took this really amazing trip to Mt. Glacier National Park in Montana during the summer of 1999.

I love hearing the stories about spotting bears and seeing the hot springs. He is so comfortable in that setting. I love to hike, but am not sure I can sleep in a tent for one night, never mind 9 of them.

He took this trip right before meeting me. Kinda cool to look at the pictures and wonder if he knew that life was about to shift dramatically!

He pulled out these pictures when he saw the August kit featuring Road Map. So here is yet another layout using OA.

These days, we have family vacays! Fun on the beach, meltdowns, marshmallows, carousels and ice cream! We wouldn't trade it!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I am not ashamed... admit that I read U.S. Weekly. As in, I am a subscriber. Yeah, it is not the most positive habit I can have. But in the grand scheme of life, it is harmless.

It provides me with an hour of ME time every week!

Why am I telling you this? In every issue, there is a "25 Random Things About(some celebrity)" feature. Facebook is also infamous for this little quiz that is meant to allow others to get to know you better.

So here is my take on it!

Supplies: Paper, Stickers, Chipboard Numbers: Sassafras; Alphabet: Basic Grey, Colorbok, Bling: Kaiser, Chipboard: Imagination Project

1. I read US Weekly and even have a subscription to have it delivered.
2. My uncle calls me “Freckled Faced Strawberry”. Fair skin & freckles.
3. I eat chocolate Teddi Grahams by biting the head off first and then finishing the rest.
4. My favorite movie of all time is Ghost. I am a sucker for romance.
5. I can’t eat steak without horseradish sauce.
6. I learned how to swim when I was in college.
7. I was in honors English classes in high school, loving The Canterbury Tales.
8. I watch MTV Marathons and I am almost 39 years old.
9. I was in a fashion show when I was in the eighth grade.
10. Coaching high school cheerleading for 5 years brought me great joy.
11. I loved playing with Barbie dolls as a young girl.
12. I have an addiction to Easy Crossword Puzzle books.
13. I won the Most School Spirit for the superlatives section of my high school yearbook.
14. My first job was at Dunkin Donuts as a waitress and a donut-filler.
15. I gladly wore braces for two years, and even had hot pink rubber bands!
16. I am a squirmy person and toss & turn a lot!
17. My husband, Steve is the love of my life even when he really annoys me.
18. I have a naturally loud voice and hear “Shh…” a lot. I really can’t help it.
19. I talk to myself a lot. I find it to be soothing.
20. I am known as the mediator in my family because I am able to see all sides of a story.
21. I hate saying that I am sorry.
22. I have never been on a train of any kind.
23. Sometimes life is too noisy and I just crave alone time.
24. My daughter looks just like me and my son has my temperament.
25. I wear my pajamas as often as I can and even have matching sets.

Another random thing: this layout is very different for me! But isn't a departure from the norm fun? I decided to use individual squares to put each of my 25 things down. It was easy to do in Microsoft Word by just using text boxes!

So there you have it. We are off to the beach for a week! I can't wait! What will I do without a computer though. Hmm..might have to smuggle DH's Blackberry. I do have two posts planned with new layouts so be sure to stop by again!

Hope you have a happy, random weekend!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

In 1/2

This past year, I have totally cut the time it takes me to do a project in half. I wonder I just more comfortable with my style or have I stopped overanalyzing? It is strange because it used to take me forever, but now I can get a layout done during naptime--which means I can finish a second one at night!


I have more October Afternoon yummies to share! I love this kit and this paper so much that I made cards. Like I enjoyed making cards (insert emotion icon of face with eyes bugging out)! And I made three of them!

Here is a layout titled Risk! Yep, Steve and I are white water rafting in this one! This was 9 years ago. Can you pick me out? I am smiling, but inside I am scared out of my wits!!! All October Afternoon Road Map on this with American Crafts letters!

Here is a fun tidbit. You know the X2 layout I did below with the big blue circle--well the solid circle on Risk is what was inside! Sneaky and green! Journaling: I never would have taken this risk without you. Even though I was seriously nervous, I enjoyed every second. The crash of the water, the speed-it was thrilling. Even kayaking in the calmer water...It was amazing. Risks I don't usually take. Until you. Thanks for taking me on this adventure!

And some cards!

The Enjoy one was a total accident. The vase is actually an OA journaling sticker turned on it's side! I was just fiddling and bam! I cut the inside out and replaced it with paper! An idea was born!

Off to see what else I can cook up! Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Call it a paper explosion! A hurricane has hit my scrap room. You know... the hurricane named October Afternoon.

I don't think I have ever made this many things in such a short period of time. The July kit from The Nook has all these cute elements and OA parts and pieces that are just magically going together for me!

Ummm, I have made 4 layouts and 3 cards since Sunday!

Here three of the layouts!

Things to See Daily:
Told you I had a thing for clouds!

Journaling: It is like my cup of coffee, my small bite of chocolate. I need it everyday. You see...your smile and laugh make all days brighter.

Supplies: Paper, Stickers, Cardstock elements: Road Map by October Afternoon

A New Direction:
This cracks me up to see my husband pushing the stroller through the woods!

I cut into the bottom portion of green paper, making vertical slices every 1/2 inch or less. I then curled the ends to make it looks grassy and natural! I traced the alphabet letters using a black pen while they were still on the sheet and then added dots!

Journaling: Boy, have times changed. I recall the days when we would go for 8 hour hikes. We didn't have a care in the world. These days our hikes have taken on a new meaning. It is all about quality family time. Two fun kids, the dog & us. Oh, & the double stroller contraption too!

Supplies: Paper, Stickers, Cardstock Elements: Road Map by October Afternoon, Metal Tab: 7 gypsies

I have an addiction to journaling cards and tags!

Journaling: Sometimes I do a double take. It floors me how much you look and act like your dad. The way you wear your baseball hat and watch. That smile and those happy eyes. How you love order and logic. How you can both melt my heart...

Supplies: Journaling Cards, Stickers, Paper: Road Map by October Afternoon, Alphabet: American Crafts, Chipboard: Maya Road

I think I am loving this stuff so much because I have been motivated to pull out some older pictures of Steve and me on our nature adventures. I am not sure I would have scrapped them otherwise, but it has been fun to look back at those memories!

And it is pretty great stuff!

More to come once the storm has cleared and it is safe to come up for air!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Up Super Late

Yep, I was up until 2:40 a.m. last night. Doing what, you ask?

Scrapping. Apparently being away from MY scrappy stuff for 6 days is good for the mojo!

Plus, the August kit from the Nook is pretty fabulous! Check it out!

I did two layouts yesterday and after putting on finishing touches, I will post!

Here is a layout I did before we left for CHA! I used the new Earth Love collection by Cosmo Cricket! I love this line and the colors are so fabulous! I actually used the cover sheet of the Crafting Kit to make this. There are lots of great squares and snippets you can use!

Hope your mojo is in full swing. But do yourself a favor and cut yourself off at midnight! LOL!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Still Swirling!

Well, I am home! and I missed home...but my time away was just awesome! Wanted to share a few more pictures!

Pink Paislee really stood out this show:

I really adored Webster's Pages. My favorite line is the Nature's Storybook! Here is Postcards from Paris, which I loved also!

I loved seeing some online friend's amazing work over at the Fancy Pants booth! Staci Taylor's gorgeous layout is the one on the top!

And, I know it is hard to believe, but I didn't take any photos of the Cosmo booth! LOL! I had a nice chat with Julie and Eric and then just admired their pretty stuff! I do have another Earth Love layout to share, tomorrow!

The house we rented was awesome! We had our own pool and there were more rooms than we could ever use! These guys seemed to be outside our screened in pool area a lot!

I met up with Steven on Friday and we had a great day visiting Seaworld. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder! We went to the Believe show and boy, did I believe. It is one of those experiences where you know it is a bit hokey, but you get totally sucked in too! It was well worth the $75.00 ticket!

I learned that I love scrapbooking (duh!), I met so many online friends, I felt so grateful to Dora and ScrapStreet for giving me the opportunity, I had a blast with old friends and new, and I totally adore my DH! Plus, seeing the kids after that many days was so fab! Even a tantrum before bed and spilled juice didn't upset me!

Because all is well!


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