Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Angel!

This was Ella one year ago. She turned two today and when I look at this layout, I can't believe how fast times flies! She is my little angel and sits on top of my heart every second of the day. I am amazed by how quickly she learns and how much she knows! Steve & I talked many times today about how she is not a baby anymore. He said to me at dinnertime, "Isn't this when she was born two years ago." I said to him at another point, "Three years ago, there was no trace of Ella. Now I can't imagine life without her." Gosh, I am so lucky and blessed. Happy birthday my sweet Ella Belle!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Still on Cloud Nine...

What a great week it has been already! It is rainy and crappy, but I feel happy! Still so excited about making the Pit Crew over at ScrapStreet! I think I am going to have great fun over there. Speaking of this week, Ella turns two years old tomorrow! And Nathan is like this different kid lately. I can't believe the conversations I am having with him. All of a sudden, he is so grown up! Here is a layout I did in January. This was one of my HOF entries!

Journaling: This week you turned 3 years old & seem so grown up to me. Who is this highly opinionated boy who makes his own decisions? You continue to be independent & strong-willed (x3). No matter what-you'll always be my little boy.

Monday, April 28, 2008


While I did not win the ScrapStreet Star contest, I am walking away with a huge prize. I have been invited to join the staff over at ScrapStreet and will be a part of the ezine! I just love the people there and their whole way of interacting! And I must say that their challenges rock! I have been smiling since 6:00 p.m. last night! Woo Hoo!

Oh, I have been tagged by Kate! Here goes:

1.Last music you listened to - Chris Daughtry (lovin him!)
2.Last thing you watched on TV - Big Brother
3.Last movie you saw - OMG--I don't know because we don't really do movies...
4.Last book you read - Eat, Pray, Love
5.Last person you spoke to - Diane Krol, my partner in crime at work
6.Last thing you ate - a Milky Way
7.Last time you laughed - About 15 minutes ago
8.Last place you visited - West Haven (boring, huh...)
9.Last website you visited - Two Peas
10.Last thing you scrapped/crafted - This Moment

Off to tag!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Vacation is Over...

Back to work tomorrow! The weekend is ending in a busy way too. Yesterday we had Ella's birthday party-hard to believe she is turning two. I will post some pictures soon! She wore a pretty party dress that Marci bought for her. We had a house full of company. Wouldn't you know that like one hour before everyone was scheduled to get here, I go to ScrapStreet and find inspiration. They host a weekend crop that really is awesome! The challenges there truly make you think outside the box. So I get a spark and start creating this! We had to use the quote: Life is not measured by how many breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away! Love this picture of Steve and I meeting up as I came down the aisle!

Speaking of ScrapStreet--today is the big announcement. The winner will be chosen and they are looking for people to become members of their team. I would truly love to be a part of things there. Keep your fingers crossed...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Funny Kids!

My two kiddos are so darn funny! They are into cracking each other up these days. I hear them from the other room and just smile. That is what inspired this layout. I got lucky with this photo, which is from last Thanksgiving. Journaling reads: So motherhood is an amazing gift. At any given moment, no matter how sad or cranky or tired I feel, the sound of your laugh makes me smile. Its like pure magic & it puts all of life's little stresses into perspective. I wish I could bottle that sound & take it with me everywhere I go as a reminder of how simple & wonderful my life is!

I have to say that I am exhausted from being home with them all week by myself! I am five times as tired as I am when I go to work.

In other news, I got my issue of Memory Makers today and, yes, both layouts are in there! It is so weird to see your stuff on those pages. I was a little overwhelmed the first time I looked, thinking, "Do they look okay? How are the colors?" Didn't have that WOW moment. When I looked for the second time, I finally saw just how great it is and smiled to myself. I feel a real sense of accomplishment!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My House is My Home...

And it is totally quiet right now because everyone is napping! I just love sitting here, mid-day with the sun shining through the windows. Helps me gear up for the next shift of mommy-hood!

It is Earth Day today! We are trying to go green a little at a time! Small changes can make a huge difference. This layout speaks of how we planted that tree in our front yard several years ago. Journaling reads: This is the first house I have ever lived in. When I look back at my history, I resided in many different places. The one I remember best is a huge apartment complex-the kind you didn't want to be found walking alone in at night. My parents were hard workers, each taking a different shift in different blue-collar factories. They made a ton of sacrifices so that we could have what we needed. One of the sacrifices was the ability to own a house. While I was away at college, they finally were able to buy their first house-a place I would only visit, but never live in. As an adult, I resided in apartments or two family houses, all rentals. I owned a condo at one point, but even that is not quite the same as a house in a nice neighborhood. Then I had the good fortune to meet Steve. Together, we bought this house on Ridge Road. We planted that tree in the front yard, have watched it take root and grow. Together, we have added a dog and two beautiful children. We have given them a precious gift, a place to put down roots. This house means the world to me. This house is my home.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Final Round!!!

WoooHooo! I am having a great couple of days! I made it to the final round of ScrapStreet Star! I have been truly inspired by the amazing challenges and all the great work! No matter what the outcome, I have won in many ways--have some new friends and created some layouts I love. Here is my final layout to go along with my "Vintage Hip" Challenge. We all know that everything old is new again! So the challenge is to scrap using a heritage photo and use an older product in a new way. The colors can match the era if you like! Click on the link to the right to play!!!
Here I am in 1988--check out that hair and my coat actually had palm trees all over it! I think Madonna and parachute pants, so my colors match that feel. That is my BFF Marcia--she is going to kill me when she sees this! LOL!
Oh, I also won the Color Combo Challenge for my Dream Big layout! The team there is awesome so I am honored. I am getting me some great goodies for it too! Even better, I am on vacation!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vacation Begins!

I am officially on spring break and it feels great! The weather is awesome and I am looking forward to scrapping a ton! Hopefully, my mojo will return. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my May Memory Makers issue because I will (hopefully) have two layouts inside. I cannot wait for that moment when I spot them-it is my first pub! I plan to go through the issue from front to back as usual so that I can fully enjoy finding my stuff. Don't know if I will actually be that patient!

Here is a layout for the Creative Therapy Catalyst! The challenge was to scrap what you love about yourself. Well, I guess I love that I am reflective. The journaling here really speaks to that. I guess I also love that I am me. Can't be anyone else. I am who I am, strengths and flaws and I have to love me no matter what!

Journaling reads: Behind this smile is a relatively happy woman. Someone who is constantly reflective and truly has the best intentions, even if that is not always apparent. A person who appreciates her many blessings and feels many moments of utter contentment. Behind this smile is someone who is shy, yet takes risks. Somewhere, buried within, is a person who has felt deep pain. A little girl who is afraid to be vulnerable, yet seeks security and love. Someone who has asked for wisdom and who has experienced much healing. Behind this smile is a woman with a feisty personality, drive, and a short temper that always needs taming. Someone who is often plagued by worries, giving new meaning to the term "over-analyzing". Behind this smile is a complex woman who sees the best in others and has had to believe in second chances in order to survive. Someone who feels watched over by a guardian angel. Behind this smile is me.

Friday, April 18, 2008

What's My Style

So the past round of ScrapStreet Star involved our signature style. We had to create a layout and write an article. I had no mojo this week and struggled to get going. I knew I wanted to do a layout about how it is all about the emotion for me. The title and words mean the most! So into my head popped the idea to find a bunch of unrelated photos of each family member's facial expression showcasing a different emotion. This was fun! I love the new Pink Paislee, started playing and this is what I came up with. It is not my usual layering style, yet this layout is still me. Mostly because it allows me to document yet another wonderful thing about my wonderful family.

Journaling: Life in our house sure is interesting. Each of us has a big personality. You might say our emotions & attitudes run wild. Curiosity, annoyance, anger & joy are experienced on a regular basis. It's loud, active & sometimes exhausting. But it's great because when we laugh, its a huge belly laugh! And when we love, it's with all our heart & our soul!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

So, it is happening a bit. Ella is beginning to gravitate more to Daddy. She has been so attached to me since the day she arrived. I love watching the two of them together. I know how important my dad has been to me. That is what really inspired this layout. Well, that and these photos. How precious!

Journaling: I speak from experience when I tell you that a father's love is forever. Ella, you are so lucky to have your daddy in your life. How wonderful that you will always have someone there who loves you for who you are. Someone who sees the best in you and love the rest unconditionally. You will always have someone there to protect you. Daddy does & will continue to do everything in his power to keep you safe. You will always have someone there to wipe your tears and give you a shoulder to cry on. And Daddy has big shoulders & an understanding heart. You will always have someone to laugh with. Ella, know that Daddy's love for you is forever.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Have I Been Doing...

Its been like 3 days since I last blogged and I really don't have much to share. I think I am spending way too much time on the computer, not enough time scrapping! Just worked on a Halloween layout for submission, although I am not thrilled with how it turned out. I am putting the finishing touches on my-potential round four ScrapStreet Star layout. (Yep, made it to round four--very exciting!) And my kids are keeping me busy with all the tackle football that is going on in my house. They are soo physical with each other and someone is going to get hurt. Did I mention their listening skills aren't that great, so stopping when I ask them to isn't really working...Oh, well! Tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Remembering When...

So this week's Creative Therapy Catalyst is to remember something about your childhood. Hmm, some of it I would just like to block out, but there were good memories. A memory of me walking through our not-so-desirable neighborhood on chilly mornings while I delivered newspapers popped into my thoughts and stuck with me. I could not get it out of my head. It hit me that I have always been a hard worker. I am serious about what I do and go about it with focus and diligence. I think that sometimes that makes me a bit of a loner. I remember feeling very calm and peaceful in all that stillness even on the mornings when it was cold or damp. So here is a photo of me from around that time period (check out the Farrah Fawcett hair-do). I took some recent pics of the newspaper just to capture the other parts of the theme. This layout is also for the Color Combo Challenge! These colors are very calm and soothing to me, sorta like my alone time at 5:00 was back then.

Journaling: I guess I was always a hard worker. At age 13, I got up early for my paper route. I remember enjoying the quiet as I went about my task, focused & happy. Even at 5:00 a.m.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The People at Walgreen's...

...must think that I am crazy! I am in there like every other day picking up $2.00 worth of pictures. I have been putting thought into my layout before I process my photos. I have really started to customize the size and use multiple photos. It is hard for me to do that with a lot of photos at once, so I order only a few at at time. It works, but I think I will know the name of the photo person at Walgreen's before long.

Here is my latest project for the ScrapStreet Star contest! We had to use stars and create a grouping of a layout and 3 cards. The layout came together quickly--it has a lot of stuff and is more "free" than the layouts I usually do. I handstitched the swirls and the crooked line--it is a pain, but the effect is cool. I like it! I don't make a lot of cards, mostly because I don't have a lot of time. I am glad that I was forced into it because I learned that I can make a decent card and it doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. The first one I created was quite hideous and I had to throw it away, but these three come out the way I wanted. All of the pieces had to be connected in some way. I used the same color scheme and used stitching on all of the projects. See, I can be on a design team. LOL! Any takers?...

Monday, April 7, 2008


...this is kinda how I feel right now! I have good news and not so good news. Let's be positive first. This layout helped me get to the third round of ScrapStar. Our challenge was to take a photograph based upon Annie Leibovitz's work. I did this self-portrait, which, in and of itself, is an accomplishment. I had a rough day on Sunday and truly felt worn out. I wanted the whole layout to have a distressed feel and even the black flowers hold meaning. Love how it turned out and I was in the top three based upon this week's voting. Yeah! I went to bed pretty happy!

The bad news and why I am feeling alittle worn out right now, I did not get a Hall of Fame call this year. I was hoping somewhere deep down inside I would and I love my entry--I wouldn't change a thing. It just wasn't my time. I am happy for all the talented artists who did win and can't wait to see who is on the list. After hitting refresh a billion times on my computer to check the status of things, I am tired. You put a lot of yourself into a contest like that. I don't regret trying because it is all about risks. And I felt like my scrapbooking jumped a notch during the whole process. I hope that at least one thing gets picked up for publishing by them. Okay-with-it, yes. Disappointed, yes. Worn out--a little...

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Secret...

Do you believe in the secret? Much ado has been made about the book and the videos. I have to say that I do believe. I think that the power of visualization is huge and can change the course of things. Maybe it is as simple as changing your own thinking about things so that YOU act differently-thus, you get the outcome you want. Or maybe it is the energy you are sending out when you think positively. I have used this many times throughout my life. The end result is not always the one you expected or in the exact area you thought it would be, but it is there somewhere. That was the theme of this layout about my daughter. I love this photo and imagine her dreaming when I look at her eyes. I used the awesome colors from the Color Combo Challenge. Janet keeps on putting together fabulous colors and I have been so inspired. The journaling speaks of believing in herself, dreaming that anything can be possible and knowing that she is special. Aren't we all! Isn't that the secret...

Speaking of positive thinking, voting has started on Round Two of ScrapStreet Star. If you have a second, click here, register if you need to, find Round 2 Voting, vote for my layout titled Worn Out. Voting runs from now until Sunday at noon! Every little bit helps...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Good Things Coming My Way...

Got home today and found that I had receieved an email from Karen over at Creative Therapy. I was the lucky winner of the RAK for the Catalyst Two Challenge. I won an awesome kit from A Million Memories. I am sooo psyched--not only did a get a very meaningful layout out of the challenge, but will also get some very yummy scrapping stuff!

I also finished and posted my second layout for the ScrapStreet Star Contest. We had to use Annie Leibovitz's photography as our inspiration. The focus is basically on the photo. Click on the Round Two link to the right and you can see my final product! This was my first self-potrait! It confirmed how much I love my camera! The layout above, Adore, was for last week's Color Combo Challenge with Janet. I really love the blog and enjoy all the people who participate! I plan to start this week's colors tonight. Yeah!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

These Past Few Days...

...the mojo has been slow! I have been dragging and unmotivated to scrap. My second round challenge layout for ScrapStreet Star is due on Friday so I better hurry up and get some mojo! Isn't it funny when you have the whole concept, you know what supplies you are using, even the journaling is worded in your head, but you can't scrap? What's the block?

Oh, well. Here is the second wedding layout that I had submitted to the Memory Makers call. I really love this one because it showcases all of the small details about our wedding. How I adored everything about that day! I really like the orange and blue together. My Mind's Eye papers are the best!


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