Friday, October 31, 2008

A Challenge!

Today is a day of challenges. It was especially hard getting my kids to stay still to take photos of them in their Halloween costumes. They are both pirates and I must say that the $12.88 costumes from Walmart rock! They look soo cute. Hopefully, I will get a picture to capture it. Here is a card I made this week. I have considered my card-challenged and decided to make more of them to bulk up my skills. I like this one. It is easy with these beautiful Scenic Route papers though!

Another challenge is being issued over at The Nook. We are participating in a dare to blog every day for the month of November. I figure why not!!! I just received my November kit from The Nook and it is to die for. Look:

The colors are really amazing. I am actually alittle afraid to cut into this one. Tried to start last night, but I froze. It is probably a good though because I thought of an idea for using that ribbon while I was in the shower this morning. Love when that happens. Some people daydream about vacations on warm beaches or hunky men. I think of layouts. Great!

And my last challenge (besides trying not to eat all the Halloween candy in sight) involves you. I am holding an ongoing call for guest designers for my monthly article in Magazine. I would love to hear from you and share your unique talents with many, many readers. If you are interested in contributing as a guest designer, please send an email, which includes a link to your gallery/work to

Oh, one last challenge is to NOT share my scrappy secret with you all right now. Tomorrow, I can share tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So Squeezable!

Nothing like kids all wearing matching tshirts and/or outfits! Makes anyone smile and think, "Oh how cute!" Well, these t-shirts were a gift from Auntie Sara. She is well aware of my daughter's ongoing obsession with ketchup! Ella puts the popular condiment on everything including bananas and blueberries. I know, yuck! I don't get it either. But she loves it and for a long time called it "sheshup", which we thought was quite adorable. When Ella, Nathan and Christian (their cousin and faithful sidekick) got these shirts, they all went nuts and just had to wear them. They are stinkin cute!

I love this Cosmo paper with the pictures. I can see why it is called Happy Sunshine. I know that I am probably behind the times a bit just using this paper now, but who cares. It makes me want to print all of my summer pictures and just create! Now that is some goooood paper!

Hey, wanted to mention a scrappy opportunity to you! I write a monthly feature in Magazine, which is a widely viewed, FREE ezine!! The magazine receives over 1 million hits per month. If you are looking to show off your work, add to your resume, showcase a specific product line, or just have fun, then you should contact me about being a guest designer for my column. I would provide you with the journaling/prompt assignment one month in advance and then use your layout in my article. The process is painless and the end result is great! If you are interested in contributing as a guest designer, please send an email, which includes a link to your gallery/work to

Off to have some Teddi Grahams now, without ketchup-thank you very much!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Feels Good to Be Back!

I scrapped like crazy this weekend! Steve was away camping and I decided to just jump in and go! Did 4, yes 4 layouts! I used to be a super-slow, analyze-everything, move-things-a-half-inch-here, anal scrapbooker. But I found a groove. Now I can get a page done in just a couple of hours. If something is not working, I try something else. If only I could apply that strategy to other places in life like parenting and being a wife! LOL! This is one of my favorite pics of Ella. She is as fierce as the wind and the waves! I love, love, love this Scenic Route. The colors, the patterns, the feel of the paper. Makes me soo happy!
What else makes me happy lately? My kid's food. Have you ever tried one of those Eggo Maple Syrup French Toast sticks? OMG! Sinful. They toast up nicely and have these little pockets of syrup that ooze when you bit into one. And chocolate Teddi Grahams. Yummy! Then I wonder why my little belly pouch won't go away even after 3 days of the stomach bug! LOL!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Small Treat!

So during my scrapping hiatus, I did manage to make a really cute gift box by altering a matchbox. I saw the idea on someone's blog (I am thinking Lisa Pace) and thought, "How cute!" The matchbox is the perfect sized box to hold a pair of earrings or a child's bracelet! I used some papers from the October kit at The Nook, ribbon from my stash and a Happy Birthday stamp! It came out really lovely! A good friend of mine received it for her birthday.
I will have some layouts to share soon. First, I need to work on something for a scrappy secret that I have!!! I know exactly what I want to do, have the supplies, but haven't jumped in yet. Silly, but sometimes I get nervous to start a new, important project!! Wish me luck!
Hope you get some scrapping in this weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The new challenge is up over at So Tell Me Your Story. It involves doing a layout with a picture of you and journaling about 5 things you like about yourself. It is not easy to do a layout about yourself, but is such a worthwhile experience. My 5 things are that I am reflective, honest, determined, inituitive and creative. I need those traits to keep me sane and well-balanced in this world. My journaling speaks to that. It reads: I need those traits to balance out the rest. Reflective helps with a tendency to have strong opinions. Being determined helps me to take risks--be vulnerable. My creativity balances how structured I can be. I get by on intuition & honesty. I am who I am. I am uniquely me.
Hard to always remember that. Especially in this scrappy world. I have lost my confidence a bit. I get the latest issue of a magazine or see people's amazing talent on their blogs, and I compare. I know I shouldn't because I am who I am. Sometimes it sneaks up on me. Happens at work sometimes, as a mom--it just happens. So doing a layout like this and sharing it helps me to remember. I am the only me there is. The good, the bad, the ugly. Embrace it. LOL!!
I encourage you to create a layout expressing what you love about yourself. Don't we all need little reminders some times?!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I feel reconnected. Reconnected to Steve, to myself, to our kids and even the dog. We had a wonderful weekend away. It is amazing how 36 hours can make such a difference. Burlington, VT was the spot of our getaway. The weather was beautiful, very cool (like winter jacket cool), but crisp and bright. I read two books on the drive to and from. One confirmed some philosophies that I have been tossing around lately and reminded me of lessons I have learned over the years. About two weeks ago, I started talking to Steve about the state of things. Told him that I just want to choose happiness everyday. I think it is that simple. One of the books, The Traveler's Gift, spoke of this as one of seven lessons we should learn. It was a powerful and impactful read. The words I have been tossing around were right there as if the universe is saying, "Yep, you are on the right track." The other book is Marley & Me. My eyes are red and puffy as I sit here typing because I just cried so much. Funny how a dog can influence a life so much. If you are a dog lover, this book is a must read. It was great to see my baby's faces and hear their little voices again!

I haven't scrapped a thing in a week now and I am soo okay with that. I needed a little break and actually hope to find a little bit more balance with it all. Want it to be a release and not another source of stress. Plus, little breaks add up to more creativity!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What a Couple!

Look at us, just about 5 years ago. We were married on a beautiful fall day at a historic barn right in our town. October 18. I loved these papers and wanted to rescrap this photo as a way to honor our anniversary. Look at the chipboard shapes that come with the October Kit over at The Nook! We are planning a little getaway this weekend. But right now, in true couple fashion, we both have the stomach bug. Have been home for two days now, suffering alongside one another. Nice that we do all things together, LOL! Wish us luck and a quick recovery before the weekend!!

PS. I added the Follow My Blog link to my sidebar. I love this feature on people's blog, makes it much easier to visit. So if you would like, click to follow me!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Couldn't Have Asked For a Better Day!

Yesterday was at close to perfect as it gets! We celebrated Nathan's fourth birthday with family and close friends. The weather was amazing with sunny skies and temperatures at around 70 degrees. The kids were all well-behaved and had a blast playing together. My BFFs, who I do not get to see enough, both came. Just to be able to spend some time with them was a gift. Nathan loves the Disney Cars movie so much and chose that as the theme of his party. The guests knew that so he got every Cars toy, coloring book, puzzle, book bag under the sun! And he loves them all! He has not put down the large Mac truck with all of the vehicles from the movie. It has been very quiet here this morning, hence my ability to blog! The party went late because the family doesn't get together that often. You could hear laughter and talking throughout the house! Ella needed the binkie and her blankie near the end of it all!
I feel very fortunate for my blessings. I just stared at Nathan many times yesterday. I am so proud of his spirit and his level of caring. He is a great kid. And he is growing so fast. I think I have kissed him a hundred times in the past 24 hours.
It was perfect!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Time to Experiment!

So I have set a new goal for myself. I want to make some improvements with my card-making skills and my abilities to alter things. My current stuff is okay, but it takes so long and I struggle with the details. I fully admit that I don't enjoy these aspects of the craft as much as I like creating layouts and mini albums. But I would like to make a company team one day (BooHoo over Dream Street). To make that happen, I need to be able to make great cards. So I am on the hunt for good websites, great card designers, tutorials--all to give me ideas and inspiration. Tell me about your favorites. Share a tip with me about cards and altering objects.

I actually love the cute gift card holder that I created above. It was so easy and who wouldn't enjoy getting their gift card in something pretty! Adds a special touch!

Don't forget to check out the calls for the December issue of Magazine. For my journaling column, I am focusing on the WH questions with a twist. If you are interested in submitting a page to me to be considered for publication, send me an email at and I will get you details!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Double the Fun!

When I started scrapping 8 years ago, I primarily did two page layouts! Every time I do one, I realize how much I still love them. While it is a challenge to make the whole layout look cohesive, there are soo many positives. More pictures, bigger pictures, more details. I made this layout using my supplies from The Nook's October kit. I love these pictures of Ella and Nana. So sweet. I originally printed them smaller to fit on a single page layout. But they were hard to see. So I went with the good old 4X6 size! My favorite parts---the pop of green from the gorgeous ribbon, the metal 7 gypsies borders, and I love these alphabets. If you would like, you can check out my class here to see more about the creation of this layout!

Off to work. Then, I have a looong weekend coming up! WooHoo!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Would You Look at Them!

Look at my two kiddos! I have to say that this may be my new favorite photo. Yes, if you look closely, Nathan is holding a fork. And he has no shirt on for some reason. But they just look so happy to be together. This is the state of things lately. He is all about being a good, protective and caring big brother. Ella is a drama queen and she (often, frequently, every other minute) throws herself on the floor, lies on her belly, props her head in her chin and pouts. She will add in a statement like, "My mommy made me sad." or "It's not fair." Steve and I just ignore her at this point. Nathan doesn't know anything about positive or negative reinforcement so he goes to her, hugs her and tries to cheer her up. It is super sweet! I know someday Nathan will be too cool for Ella and vice versa, so I am going to take a lot of pictures like this one--to remind them of how they once were.

Here is my latest layout made with the kit from The Nook. The Eva line is beautiful and Leah picked the most awesome embellishments to match. The title of this layout is "It Does My Heart Good." Nana often says that about her own children when she sees them grown up with kids and marriages. When I see this picture, I can really understand what that phrase means.

Have a good one!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Steady!

I think of scrapbooking supplies like clothing. You look for those few pieces that are trendy to add to your wardrobe--to spice things up a bit. But you still have you classic pieces. Those steadies you can rely on to always look good and go with everything. Basic Grey is my steady. I love everything they make. So you can imagine how excited I am that the October kit from The Nook is full of BG as well as lots of other lovelies! This kit is just gorgeous. I made this card with it in celebration of National Card Making Day!! Can't wait to scrap this weekend! Be on the lookout for new projects!

PS. The October issue of Magazine is up and it is FABULOUS! I love it every month, but this may be my favorite yet. Look for amazing work from our team (I am soo lucky to be a part of it) as well as from some well-known peeps in the scrappy world!!


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