Friday, November 7, 2008

Thomas, Here We Come!!

Nathan and I are going on a little date tomorrow morning. We are heading down to Essex, CT to see Thomas the Train. The people who run this event transform the steam engine into Thomas. Nathan is going to be pretty excited. Auntie Sue bought him his ticket for his fourth birthday and I guilted her into letting me come along for the ride. How can I miss that photo opportunity?? Look at him laughing in this layout! He has such a zest for life and giggles with his whole being! This layout appeared in my journaling column in the October 2008 issue of Magazine. I actually had Auntie Sue write down her thoughts about Nathan and then incorporated them into the journaling. It reads: Auntie Sue Loves You. She loves how intense and smart you are, the mature conversations you can have. She adores those big eyes & how touchy, huggy & kissy you can be. She celebrates how loving you are to Christian. She treasures that contagious giggle. She loves you.

Just a FYI: I continue to compile a list of guest designers to contribute to my journaling article! Hoping to have a pool full of people and call on different scrappers each month. So if you haven't already, let me know if you are interested in getting involved at some point! My email is on the sidebar! Off to scrap, it is Friday night after all! (yeah, I know. No life...)


  1. I am sorry but what are you looking for help with? Great layout! Have fun with Thomas

  2. Love the layout and have fun with Thomas;-)

  3. Hehea, I have no life either ;-) Oooh, have fun at thomas! We talk about going every year, but we haven't made it up there just yet! Beautiful layout!! Auntie sue sounds like a wonderful aunt :-)


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