Friday, March 27, 2009

So I Realized...

...that I haven't really ever done a layout that includes my entire household. We have our family and then a small piece of animal kingdom! Hearing from an old friend who asked about my two cats made me realize that I need to document "everyone". So this layout was born! My kitties are 16 and 15 years old, or something like that! LOL! I just know they have been with me through MANY life changes, moves, adjustments...So here we all are. The Michaud clan.

I love this Home bingo card and thought it was perfect--it actually serves as my title too! I added a big ole circle to continue to stay out of that funk I mentioned last week! I love the chipboard in the PP set and this house is no exception. I just added a thick brown outline to make it stand out! I used the orange ribbon as the chimney smoke! Journaling reads: We plan to move in a year. I will miss this house. But I know home is where you all are-us together!

It is almost April 1st! Keep an eye out for's newest issue! And a new challenge will be up over at Category Stories. We are also doing the Card-a-Day feature over at the Nook--be sure to check it out!



  1. So pretty! And I love your idea to include the whole family. I don't think my cat is on a single layout. Love, love the ribbon for smoke. Super cute!

  2. I'm the same way I think, maybe I have one layout with everyone in it? Beautiful layout Stacey!

  3. Another fantastic layout. Oh the details in your designs... I love the ribbon "smoke"

  4. Girl love this layout .. I so need to do one with all of us in it .. thanks for that inspiration and ALSO thanks for speaking up to about my post LOVE it .. and totally hear you to boo

    I have yet to be picked up by them and what not and who knows maybe one day, but I say GO FOR IT if you do .. whether the prompt inspires me or not .. I would get an issue every month if you were a Master .. good luck if you do

    hugs and smooches

  5. SO SO gorgeous, stacey, and you made me realize that i've never included our entire family (including kitties) either! Thanks for the reminder, lol! Have a great weekend, girl!!

  6. Roxy is actually about 13. I got her from the Humane Society when she was about 8 weeks old right at the beginning of my sophomore year (fall of 1995) & gave her to you after Thanksgiving. So, she will be 14 around August. >^..^<


  7. this is sooo cute! I LOVE the ribbon coming out of the chimney.

  8. Tanya--cool, thanks. I have always messed that up! The long-term memory continues to fail me! LOL!

  9. Just adore this one and you have inspired me to do a LO like this one!!!! What great detail and thanks for giving us the inside scoop as to how you did it!!! Thanks for stopping by my Blog!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I am totally in love with this layout, stacey!!!


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