Thursday, April 30, 2009


my mojo has left the building
if you have seen it, tell it to come home

I am lonely...

While some of my mojo might be gone, let's hope that yours is not! The Nook is hosting a huge five week challenge with AMAZING prizes.

We are talking a grand prize of becoming a design team member for 6 months! HELLO!!! 6 months of those kits--how can you refuse! First runner-up earns a 2 month long guest designer gig, and the second runner up gets to be a guest designer for one month. This is such a great opportunity that will get you scrapping, keep you challenged and help you create some great stuffs!!! Go here for more!


  1. No !!!! How can your mojo leave you when you have the 2 great kits, and paper coming from Marks paper co!!! I'm sure you will get it back. Try some blog hopping-that always inspires me!!

  2. I think he was staying with me this week...scrapped like a fiend! You will get yours always do, Stace!

  3. Mine must have run away with yours also!!!! Oh where oh where did they go!!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  4. My mojo must be off playing with yours... I hope they decide to come home soon.... LOL!

  5. Where, oh where is the mojo party! After reading the other comments, sounds like alot of us are on the same missin'-our-mojo bus! I'm excited to scrap this weekend for the first time in a long time. I plan to just put something on paper...good or not. Maybe, just maybe, it will piss my mojo off enough to return to!

    I am certain your's can't be too far from home. You are such the talented one! Here's hoping this weekend revives you! XOXO

  6. my mojo was gone too...but I am feeling inspired today...hopefully yours will return soon too! :)

  7. darn it, mine is hanging out with yours too!!!! agh! what are they doing and why weren't we invited?! LOL!


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