Saturday, August 8, 2009

I am not ashamed... admit that I read U.S. Weekly. As in, I am a subscriber. Yeah, it is not the most positive habit I can have. But in the grand scheme of life, it is harmless.

It provides me with an hour of ME time every week!

Why am I telling you this? In every issue, there is a "25 Random Things About(some celebrity)" feature. Facebook is also infamous for this little quiz that is meant to allow others to get to know you better.

So here is my take on it!

Supplies: Paper, Stickers, Chipboard Numbers: Sassafras; Alphabet: Basic Grey, Colorbok, Bling: Kaiser, Chipboard: Imagination Project

1. I read US Weekly and even have a subscription to have it delivered.
2. My uncle calls me “Freckled Faced Strawberry”. Fair skin & freckles.
3. I eat chocolate Teddi Grahams by biting the head off first and then finishing the rest.
4. My favorite movie of all time is Ghost. I am a sucker for romance.
5. I can’t eat steak without horseradish sauce.
6. I learned how to swim when I was in college.
7. I was in honors English classes in high school, loving The Canterbury Tales.
8. I watch MTV Marathons and I am almost 39 years old.
9. I was in a fashion show when I was in the eighth grade.
10. Coaching high school cheerleading for 5 years brought me great joy.
11. I loved playing with Barbie dolls as a young girl.
12. I have an addiction to Easy Crossword Puzzle books.
13. I won the Most School Spirit for the superlatives section of my high school yearbook.
14. My first job was at Dunkin Donuts as a waitress and a donut-filler.
15. I gladly wore braces for two years, and even had hot pink rubber bands!
16. I am a squirmy person and toss & turn a lot!
17. My husband, Steve is the love of my life even when he really annoys me.
18. I have a naturally loud voice and hear “Shh…” a lot. I really can’t help it.
19. I talk to myself a lot. I find it to be soothing.
20. I am known as the mediator in my family because I am able to see all sides of a story.
21. I hate saying that I am sorry.
22. I have never been on a train of any kind.
23. Sometimes life is too noisy and I just crave alone time.
24. My daughter looks just like me and my son has my temperament.
25. I wear my pajamas as often as I can and even have matching sets.

Another random thing: this layout is very different for me! But isn't a departure from the norm fun? I decided to use individual squares to put each of my 25 things down. It was easy to do in Microsoft Word by just using text boxes!

So there you have it. We are off to the beach for a week! I can't wait! What will I do without a computer though. Hmm..might have to smuggle DH's Blackberry. I do have two posts planned with new layouts so be sure to stop by again!

Hope you have a happy, random weekend!


  1. What inspiration is this!!! I so love the idea and the layout design is just fantastic! So fun to read a little more about you :) Immediately I gravitate toward 2 things: I also wore braces gladly for two years and had multicolored bands every month, I was 26 and working at my professional job already, LOL!! And I bet you talk like a quiet mouse in comparison to me :) I AM Chinese after all, we are LOOOOOOUD. LOL

  2. This is a fabulous LO! I just love it, and I am totally going to have to copy this idea. Thanks again for the peamail, you made my day! Have fun at the beach, I'm so jealous!

  3. This is such a great page!! That reminds me I have to do something about my 100 list. I wrote down 100 things about me about six months ago that I need to scrap. Love this page, love this idea, love the stuff you make!

  4. I love so many things about this. The whole concept is inspirational. I never did mine on Facebook even though I received a bunch, but I am so going to do it in my scrapbook. My children will enjoy that one day. Second, I love the supplies you used. I have every last bit of that in my stash, but I tend to always pull out my newest stuff. Thanks for showing me that my stash can be just as fantastic!

  5. I love this one and now I want to do one for myself!!!! I loved reading the random about you and we sounds like sisters....I quite a few things that we have in common!!!! You did an AWESOME job on this one, sweet friend!!! Thanks for all the support...I always look forward to your comments!!!! Have a great weekend!!! :)

  6. wonderful LO - your kids will love knowing this stuff about you when they are older :)

  7. Stacey, I love this!!! The design is awesome with two photos at the bottom. The squares, colors, 25 random things - fabulous!!!! Loved learning more about you.
    Have fun at the beach!

  8. Now that is just plain cute! Clever and cute!

  9. Did someone ever tell ya your brilliant woman??

    and your BRILLIANT!!!

  10. Ahhh! What a neat, creative and inspirational layout! Love everything about this!

  11. Great layout! Love the magazine to, need to renew my subscription!

  12. OMG! Stacey! This layout is fantastic! I love the individual squares! Awesome idea!

  13. Stacey that is awesome, I love all the rounded corners and the cute photo cluster ion the corner,This totally rocks.

  14. Fabulous idea and great LO! Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. I am TOTALLY going to do a layout based on this too! =) Yours just rocks!

  16. that is so fun! love that idea. fun to ready your journaling, too

  17. Love your latest LO so so much! too cool ;) tfs...and have fun at the getaway ;)-jaz

  18. that is an awesome page Stacey! I love lists like that, you'll look back one day and love it!

  19. I LOVE this fun page, Stacey, and hope you are having a wonderful time at the beach.

  20. Awesome layout Stacey!!! I loved learning all those facts about you!

  21. Stacy I wanted to tell you that you inspired me to do a very personal layout about my loss (miscarriage). Thank you for sharing the layouts you made and know that I continue to pray for you and your sister.

  22. this is so creative and I love every bit of it!

  23. Totally totally love this!! Fantastic inspiration, as always girl, and I loved reading more about you!

  24. You are wrong about #22. We rode one together in Chicago. :) Hope you are having a FABULOUS vacation!!!

  25. What an awesome inspiration-thank you I am all over this one!


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