Thursday, September 24, 2009


...this guy! We have been together for 10 years now, almost married for 6. Time flies, doesn't it. I can honestly say that I am more in love now than ever. My family unit means the world to me and I am focusing on making it stronger and stronger!

I adore Steve for many reasons. But he is the total opposite of what my type used to be. Back in the old days, I went for all-american football players. Steve loves music and being outdoorsy. It just goes to show that you don't always know what you are looking for and being open to possibilities might lead you to a place you never imagined. A place you are meant to be!

Here is a layout of Steve doing what he loves most: hiking. Give him a backpack and tent--he is all set!

Supplies: Earth Love paper and Elements tags by Cosmo Cricket, Alphabet by Scenic Route.

I love to watch him in his element. Observing someone you love do something they love is very satisfying!

Off to start the day!! Hope yours if full of love!


  1. Oh Stacey...this LO is sooo beautiful and the story behind it...inspiring and full of love!!!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!! Wishing you a day filled with much happiness!!! :)

  2. It is a beautiful page, Stacey, and I love the story behind it.

    I have been wanting to pull out my Earth Love papers and things and now you have really made me want to play.

  3. Beautiful earth love, pun intended :) hee hee. You do Cosmo fabulously!!!

  4. A wonderful layout and you are sooo right, my husband is so very different to the kind of guy I went for in school but I think that is why our marriage works soooo well! He is perfect for me in every way :)

    Great layout!!

  5. Great page...again! I just love your style!!

  6. great choice of paper for this page :D

  7. love how you made this girlie line manly. ;-)

  8. Beautiful journaling, beautiful blog post, beautiful uplifting!

  9. What a beautiful layout. I have never seen those papers.

  10. Stacey, Love the layout!! Where is he standing in the looks so beautiful!!!

    Have a great day!

    Hey I am going to Wiggles November 21st for Cheryl Mezzettis class...I will let you know which one..hope I can see you there!!!

  11. happy anniversary! love the use of the earth love papers!

  12. aww, i love this layout of your man! i just got some of that line, and you've inspired me to break into it!


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