Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Alive, I'm Alive

covered in dust and newspaper ink, tired of smelling cardboard, feeling overwhelmed by the lack of space and time there is to organize my life right now...but it is all good.

Why...I can see the future. I am experiencing the now. I went for a run today in my new neighborhood. Steve and I took the kids for a bike ride and weren't afraid of a busy road. I have cooked dinners in my kitchen and have decorated the dining room. My scrappy stuff just got unpacked.

We are living with my in-laws, who have been amazing. They are trying to make us feel like this is our house. Steve and I look forward to completely moving in soon, but also know that our kids are getting precious time with Nana and Grandpa. Nathan beams everyday when he sees her.

Yes, it is tight right now. There is a lot of stuff to be done. But it is all good.

Even the DH and I are making our way through exhaustion and stress...taking time to talk about all of our grand plans. Connecting over the life we have built.

Brings me to this layout. Steven and I banter. A lot. We have a back and forth that is teasing, jabbing, and bickering. It can turn into more, but for the most part it helps us burn off steam.

Our family has this thing where we compare the state of affairs to the weather. Is is sunny and bright or partly cloudy? Stormy means there was fight. It is a cute thing that sisters in laws and mothers say to figure out things.

It calls for a layout. I decided to use some weather elements to go with the theme!

So things are pretty sunny right now, a light's to hoping they stay that way!


  1. Here's to sunny skies, making the home your own, and lots more gorgeous layouts!

  2. Ohhhhhhh Stacey!! i just loveeeeeeeeeeeeee that story about the weather and the bantering!!! LOVE IT!!!! And loveeeeeeeeeeeee that lo!!! been thinking about U with the move and hoping all is going good! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Really adorable Stacey, love the weather elements!!

  4. What a great LO and what a great way to look at your relationship...hmmmm..mine might be thunderstorms...hubby was on my last nerve last night!!!

    So glad that is all going well!!! hang in there!!!

  5. Great to hear from you, and even better that you're doing well. step at a time :) Enjoy it!

  6. Hope the move continues to go well! Love the LO, as usual! I love your style:)

  7. Fabulous!! Love the weather elements you used!! Have a wonderful - quiet - weekend!

  8. beautiful page! love that paper!

  9. Fantastic page - love all the little details!

  10. what a great idea to scrap :D

    hopefully your new house feels like a home soon :D

  11. Love that jornal spot, was that in the kit? I love this page anyway's.

  12. Love that layout Stacey and so glad you are slowly getting settled. Unpacking the scrappy supplies is important and good for your health... hehe.. ;)

  13. What a fantastic layout. I love the topic & your twist on the theme. Moving really gives a breath of fresh air with all the changes.

    I can't believe you are still standing let alone scrapping with all that is on your plate.

    I pray you will be blessed in your new home & enjoy it.


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