Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

As I have mentioned before, Halloween was not really one of my favorite holidays.  There was the time I was jumped for my candy and the time that I dressed up like Olivia Newton John when I was in elementary school (where a boy tried to tease me and I gave him a good whack!). 

AND there was the Halloween where I almost poisoned myself.  Bleach inhalation!  I was the new girl at school...middle school to be exact.  The popular group there was very strong and I was intimidated.  Preppy was in...and then I entered...I had the classic Farrah Fawcet flippy hair and wore Def Leppard concert shirts.  I made friends quickly enough, but a life-long friendship was forged or shall I say stained that October.  Marcia was charming and pretty and she invited me to her Halloween party.  In order to give me a costume, I decided to bleach my jeans...go all Madonna.  Well, sitting over a tub filled with bleach can really go to your head. Never mind wearing the jeans. Marcia and her mom needed to take care of me a bit that day.  I think I was pretty memorable...even if it wasn't in the best way.  She still tells a great story about that day.  But from that day on, Marcia and I were always together!

So I guess Halloween isn't all that bad!  I actually have found a new appreciation for it being a mom.  The kids get so excited...they had a school event on Friday so the costumes have already gotten good use:

No fairy or princess here!  Ella is a leather (well, vinyl) clad Batgirl.  Can you tell that Nathan picked out her costume?  And she looks up to him enough to keep it?  I didn't mind because it will go great with Pink Paislee's Hocus Pocus...

Speaking of Pink Paislee, I am up at the blog today!  Sharing this layout along with a sketch...

I used Hocus Pocus here...which is a fab collection!  Go check out the blog for details and be sure to leave me some love.  Everyone needs love right?

Hope you have a memorable Halloween!


  1. ohhhhhhhh such a sad/but yet good ending story! The kids looks ADORABLE and love love love love the lo! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Happy Halloween, Stacey! Fab work with the Pink Paisley papers!Love your story, too!

  3. Awe! cute pics and your layout is ADORABLE! TFS!

  4. It's amazing you got over the trauma of Halloweens past, lol. I'm headed over to PP now to have a peek and leave more love :)


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