Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kicking off the New Year

Starting tomorrow...I will be consistent with exercise.  No more feeling funny in my own body.

I will eat smaller meals, more frequent.  I will stop buying so much junk in the house.

Starting today, I will appreciate my blessings more.  Take two minutes every day to just stop and take in the moment.  The sights, sounds, smells...the emotions and intentions.

I will try to get more sleep.  It does a body good!

I will scrap things that I love.  Staying true to me.  I will not care about what goals I achieve.  It is not important.  Creating and recording our family stories is what is important.

I wanted to share that the Nook is having a great special to kick off the new year! 

Just in case you haven't read the newsletter, here is the link!  All kit club members get 40% off of add-ons (check the add-on section, this works for current and past kit add-ons) from now through January 7th. As is detailed in the newsletter, these add-ons will ship for free though international members might have to pay a slight fee depending on what you order. Use the coupon code 40% to get the discount. Happy shopping!

Now, for NEW MEMBERS: Join our scrapbooking kit club for 1 year and receive a free kit to start and after a year (12 paid months) you will receive your 13 kit for free too.

1. New members between Jan. 1st - Jan. 7th take 40% off your add-ons or any other order placed. Use coupon code 40%.
2. In addition to starting off the New Year as a new member we will give you a store credit at the end of your membership for $20.11 to be use in our shop. *Please note to receive the 20.11 new members must have 12 kits paid for. Valid only between Jan. 1st-Jan. 7th.

AND, if you are a current member of the kit club and refer someone else who joins the club for a year you will receive a $20.11 shop credit. Simply email the name of the person who joined the club because of you to and receive your credit. This deal is good through January 7th as well.

Just one more note about the club: Starting in Jan 2011 (with the Feb kit), there will be a slight increase in kit pricing. Kits will now be $29.50. We have not had a price increase since we revamped our kit club several years ago. To keep the kits packed with special goodies and a great retail value we will be raising the price a dollar fifty. As usual, our kits will have a minimum of a $32 retail value. As many of our long-time members know, it is not infrequent that we have kits valued upwards of $35. We do our best to keep them as packed with the latest and greatest at the best value.

I encourage you to jump on this deal!  I love to scrap by company and Leah picks the hottest lines and collections!  She coordinates them so well with others like alphabets, pins, ribbons and chipboard.  I have been there for two years because I am so happy!

Here is a recent layout using the Jan. kit which features Fancy Pants!

Starting right now, I am taking a nap!  Sweet dreams!


  1. Most people exercise hoping that their shadow under the noon sun might be as skinny as you. You should just kick back and ENJOY, lol!

  2. I loveeeeeeeeee that lo Stacey! The design is BEAUTIFUL!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Those are some great resolutions! I think I need to make that same one about the scrapping. Just doing it and not thinking too much about the results. Good one!

  4. YOU Go girl!!! YOUR layout looks like you are off to a great start!!!

  5. Fun post, and fun layout Stacey! Hope that nap was a good one :)

  6. Happy New Year! No scrappy goals here either. Well, except to put my layouts IN the album. Grrr . . . LOVE your layout! You always rock the Nook kits though. :)

  7. Our goals are so similar!!! Although I've done great with the exercising, I can't seem to let go of the chocolate so I've resolved to eating what I have and not replacing it...we'll see!! Love the layout!! ✿


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