Friday, February 4, 2011

Vertical and Horizontal

Last summer at CHA, I had the opportunity to spend some time with amazing friends!  Throughout the show, my friend Bri and I would go off a bit and just explore.  We have this thing for disecting scrapbooking... analyzing what works, brainstorming what would look great.  Everything works at CHA...and I think there is a reason.

I remember sitting in front of the Prima booth, looking at Leena's, Iris's and Jamie's work.  It was so dynamic.  Bri pointed out to me that the designs had both vertical and horizontal lines, usually placed along one of the imaginary lines of thirds on the page.  I saw it...There was a clear "up" and a clear "across" on each, embellishments, papers, photos sat along those lines.  Bri and I talked a bit and she pointed out that a lot of my work was horizontal in nature.  (That is the type A in me.)  She was right.

That conversation stuck with me.  I reflected on it and began to experiment.  And it really changed the way that I scrap.  I started being aware of both horizontal and vertical lines.  And...I think my layouts are more dynamic.

Here is an example...

This layout primarily has a vertical orientation.  The scalloped edge, the long sheet with the stripes, the numbers in the journaling.  But is also has a horizontal line, right around the bottom 1/3 of the page.  I varied it up, using a material other than paper.  I actually fell in love with this chain-like trim from Webster's Pages the instant I saw it!  It reminded me of a fancy, haute couture belt.  So I looped it a bit and gave it a bow like appearance.  I also used a different color and a cursive alphabet to add some movement on that line.

I wonder if you disect your work.  If you are drawn to someone else's you know why?  Think about why you love that person or yourself.  It adds a cool perspective!

Speaking of CHA, did you hear about Teresa Collins and Cricut?  She has designed two cartridges!  And did you hear about Teresa Collins and Core'dinations?  It was such a big show for her and I am very excited to be able to join in the fun!  I can't wait to share my CHA stuff with you!  Head over to her blog to hear all the details!

P.S. What do you think about the header?  I made it myself...first attempt at digital.  Let me know your thoughts...I would love to hear them!

Happy Friday!


  1. You are amazing. Its funny, but I think about that conversation when I scrap too! BUT on the opposite side of it; I tend to focus TOO much on staying on those lines instead of playing with the "in between". You are best of both worlds, girl! I am so amazingly proud of all that you are doing and you deserve EVERY SINGLE BIT of it! Love you!

  2. Oh I love your new header!! Super cute! Can I just ditto what Bri said? I don't pay enough attention to those details and I think that's why I get frustrated and start over with most of my stuff. Thankfully I don't glue anything down until I'm 100% positive it's how I want it. It's so funny because I TAUGHT design! I KNOW this stuff and see it. But I don't apply it the first round sometimes.

    YOU inspire me! You have such a wonderful eye for design and I love reading how and why you placed things where they are. I find myself nodding and "ah ha!"-ing when I look at your stuff! You are friggin talented!

  3. What a great way to try a page out! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your lo! The design is amazing! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Oh... and PS.. I love love love the new header! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Your new header is fabulous! Thanks very much for the lesson in design!...Nancy :o)

  6. The new header is awesome, nice work! I loved your comment on the vertical/horizontal issue, totally agree there and well put Stacey!

  7. I love your header, one of these days I will get brave enough recreate mine, I have been afraid to change it. :)

  8. love the header and crisp look. love the lesson. i know what i see and like but putting it into words. eeeiii!!

  9. fStacey, I love your work and I also think you did a fantastic job on the new Header!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. oh gosh. i never look at the vertical lines, LOL! but i totally see what you are getting at. really interesting. i def need to do that more and branch out of my horizontal world. {gosh that sounds so boring, LOL}

    i love how you did the lines with your journaling, i do that a lot of that these days except your lines look a lot straighter than mine ;)

    p.s. looove the new header!

  11. That is a great thing to think about...something I don't do enough. It's a great page, Stace! I'm so glad that I get to hang out with you at the Nook for another term.

  12. love the new header - had no idea that Webster's had digi available - heaven help me!


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