Friday, November 4, 2011

A Small Look

Here is a small look at my last six days.

Six days without power.  It was pure craziness in CT for the first few days after the October snowstorm.  We woke up Sunday morning to very cold temperatures in our house.  After hanging out for the day (wearing our coats and many layers), I took the kids to my sister's house, leaving my husband behind.  On Monday, my dad let us borrow his generator.  It was a Godsend.  My husband headed out to buy gasoline and was shocked at what he found.  Long lines with over an hour wait, many gas stations out of gas, people fighting and screaming. 

I was in a part of the state uneffected and was able to find a gas station.  That meant heat via space heaters in our great room.  It was okay enough and my family was together.  It felt like camping for a couple of days. 

But now, I am tired and stressed out. 

On the bright side, times like these do make you realize how lucky you family is safe.  I have been able to rely on family.  I have so many friends who have reached out. 

I still would give anything to have my electricity back...if you have any extra prayers, there are many folks in the Northeast who could use them.

Hopefully it will be soon and I can get back to sharing happier memories
and scrappy projects


  1. I have been following your updates on this... wow... it just blows my mind how long you have been without it... good luck to you and everyone else that are still waiting...

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  3. Can't imagine what it's like. Hope your power will be back soon. Sending you lots of hugs and good vibes!

  4. Thinking of you Stacey. Hoping that even as I type things things are looking up, and warming up.

  5. Wow, sounds crazy! I had no idea you were right in CT--we're over in NJ. Where in CT are you?


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