Sunday, August 2, 2015

Let's Get Real

Whether I am watching the Bachelorette or General Hospital, even when I am reading books, love is always portrayed as ultra romantic.  Does he bring flowers or treat you to elaborate dates?  The way love is depicted doesn't typically match real life.  It can set a girl up for disappointment.

I realized that love isn't all that elaborate stuff (although it is nice...).  Love is the everyday stuff.  It is about changing alongside the person or at least hanging in when one changes and the other isn't there yet.

I explored this idea of dream love when creating with the August Inside Out kit.  The theme is Living the Dream.  I believe I am living the dream, but not because of the uber romance.  I made a page to communicate what my dream love is all about.

The paper from Pink Fresh is so cute and I just went with the large Love as a design element.  I added the you and us stickers.

I shared my feeling about the concept of a dream love.  It is based on real life.
and it is real love.


  1. Great layout and love how you use your own handwriting for such an important bit of journaling on there!


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