Sunday, November 1, 2015

Inside the Art: Girl Power

This month, the Inside Out Visual Journaling kit stole my heart.  It is full of Simple Stories and I just fell in love.  I had instant sparks of inspiration.  The theme is "Inner Gifts."  I decided to start the month by reflecting on one of my strongest inner gifts, my drive.

My drive has saved me from so many dark places.  It has dragged me out of holes and helped me move in more positive directions.  My drive has helped me reach my goals, personal and professional.  It has helped me foster my relationships to go from being happy to being content.

I had fun cutting paper for this page.  All the triangles are hand cut and randomly placed, almost serving as arrows.  

Of course, I had to use the car on this page since it matches my theme of driving!  I like to take the steering wheel and turn my life in the right direction.

I really enjoyed making this page.  Be sure to consider what your inner gifts are.  Knowing them will help you continue to grow those gifts and be more forgiving of yourself.

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