Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Journaling: When you look at me with those gorgeous eyes and that beautiful face, my heart fills with so much love. I see into your soul and sense your wisdom. I have said many times that I believe you have an old soul. Its something behind your eyes. I love to watch you march through life, see how you make an impact where ever you go. You can win over anyone. I fall for your supreme cuteness every time. Ella, I am so blessed that you're my sweet daughter. I love you a ton!

Journaling: I predict that each day will grant you more curiosity and independence. You will continue to evolve into this compassionate, yet focused person you were born to be. I predict that you will love the outdoors just like your dad. You will have quiet moments like this one, but most of your day will be filled with laughter & activity. You will bring you family, & family-to-be someday, great joy. You will achieve great things, will serve others & will make a difference. I know you will always be loved by me!

These two are my greatest inspirations and certainly what I scrapbook the most about. I try to capture the essence of who they are, their funny sides, and things I don't want to forget over time. I use my pages as an opportunity to express how I feel about being their mom. I am very blessed...


  1. WOW! love your LO's and especially all the journaling! great job! fun blog too!

  2. Amazing! I love your LOs. You are getting so much srapping done and I am so jealous! Thanks for all the insipration!

  3. great title, Stace!!! have fun with the blog!!

  4. Love the blog Stacey, but now I know why you are tired at work. You were blogging at 4:00 in the morning. Well, your loss of sleep is paying off with beautiful work and a cool site. Garret loved looking at Ella's picture by the way.


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