Thursday, March 13, 2008

Speaking of Inspiration...

I created a couple of cards this past week. I am not a huge cardmaker, but I gave it a try. The baby card is for a dear friend and I think it turned out cute. The love card was made using scraps from my desk, a challenge at The Scrapbook Site. I guess there is something with cards these days because I have been displaying one in my office that I recently received. The other day I spoke of what inspires me. The reason I even got to thinking about it was that my friend Jenn sent me this beautiful card last week. It was a simple card, one of the INSPI(RED) ones. What was beautiful about it was the message on the inside. Jenn has a way with words and is an amazing scrapbooker! She is a constant source of inspiration for me in numerous ways and has been right next to me holding my hand for many of life's struggles and good times. Jenn and I both had layouts featured in the Memory Makers Inspiring Page Ideas newsletter last week. What are the chances that we would both be featured at the same time! Kinda cool! We scrap together along with another good friend and talented artist, Lora. I am inspired by their talent and it makes me want to take risks, see things in a whole new way. Ultimately, it has taught me to also appreciate that my point of view is unique. That was what Jenn's card was really about--she used a quote from Ali Edwards that reads, "You are a creative person-there is no one else exactly like you. It is okay to create in a way that reflects who you are at this moment in time. It is okay to be yourself on your scrapbook pages." When I get stuck in the whole should-I-submit, how-do-I get-on-a-design-team, will-the-girls-at-2-Peas-like-my-layout cycle, I promise to remember those words. Each person's expression of life is going to look completely different on a scrapbook page. I am me, bottom line. I keep the card where I can see it so I can remember the greater message, everyday.

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