Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to!

Putting the accordion album onto my page was relatively easy! First, I created an accordion album by simply folding sturdy pieces of BasicGrey! I jazzed up each visible sheet with paper and flat embellishments. I decided where my stuff was going on my page. I needed to create a way to close the album and keep it flat so I came up with the idea to use ribbons to connect the album to my photo block! To create each tie, I used eyelets on my photo block and the album, placing the eyelets directly across from each other. I tied one end of a ribbon into a knot and threaded the other end into the eyelet, repeating this on the photo block too using the second ribbon. To keep the album closed and flat, I just tie the two ribbons together. I glued the back of the album down! The small metal clip holds it down also! Easy! I love how it came out!!


  1. And you make it seem so easy :o) I'm gonna try this sometime!

  2. From Scoobie:

    Thanks for showing. Great idea.


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