Friday, June 6, 2008


So happy it is Friday and the weekend is almost here! Only 7 days left of school...oh, I can't wait. I need to recharge and exercise. I just want to be able to scrap whenever and hang out with my kids! Wanted to share this layout today--I was really happy with how all the elements came together on this one. I stamped the pink circles using paint. It was one of my HOF entries. I have been thinking lately about how entering that contest and the ScrapStreet Star contest have impacted my scrapbooking. Doing more on-line challenges and pushing myself has made a difference. Wanted to enter MM Masters, but not sure I can get done it time. I have all my concepts in my brain. They are not doing a whole lot of good up there. Just random thoughts.

Journaling on this layout reads: Your trademark cry-bright red face & square mouth. You cry with your whole heart and soul, even over the small stuff. Dramatic, frequent, loud & just precious.

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  1. oh sweets,she looks just like my screamer!
    i was going to enter MMM too , but it's not going to happen. hope you have a beautiful weekend.


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