Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh Well!

Oh well! Instead of being sad or disappointed about Chatterbox, I am going to channel the peaceful energy that is given off by this photo of my son on the beach! LOL! So no go for me with the Chatterbox team! It was a longshot with the amount of talent and the number of positions available for this kind of stuff. I am not knocking myself because I think I do have something to offer--I make nice stuff. But mostly, I work hard when I am committed to something and my enthusiasm is never-ending. To me, that means even more. Honestly, I am super happy where I am right now (although I would love a pub call soon...LOL!)--I adore the teams that I am a part of. So it is time to dig down into those roles, have fun, build my friendships and take some risks!! Thanks for the kind and supportive words from all of my friends---I have truly appreciated it!

Doesn't this layout just make you relax? My son just loved the beach! I used the Sept. kit from The Nook to create this. That kit goes on and on with possibilities. I still have soo much left of it too--so yeah! Speaking of The Nook, we are having a very fun contest over there beginning in September! I will post more details about it tomorrow, but click here if you can't wait that long!

PS--it is almost Sept 1 which means the new issue of ScrapStreet Magazine will be up! See there are great things to look forward to!


  1. Love love love the layout! Love your blog too, and there is a message about that over on my blog for you:

  2. love it, sugar! such great design and a wonderful peaceful feel to it. smooches!

  3. Super CUTE sun! LOVE IT! Sorry about Chatterbox, love your resolve to just go on and still do your best at what you do!

  4. Incredibly cute layout Stacey!
    You are super talented just keep chugging along girl!

  5. That page is just gorgeous, like all of your work, Stacey! I was so sure your name was going to be on that list. Their loss for sure! :)

  6. Super Layout Stacy! I love your style! I also would love to be on the beach right now...ugh! ;)


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