Monday, August 25, 2008

What Will Be the Outcome?? Part 2

Well, it seems that Chatterbox is close to making its decision about the design team. I am nervous, full of anticipation, and yet calm. Because, regardless of the outcome, my name was on that list of amazing ladies, all of whom I respect and admire. The whole experience has brought many smiles to my face. I used some of my wonderful products to create this mini album about my daughter. We often use the phrase, "Ella, you are too much." when we speak to her. She is quite the character. I wanted to make a book to document those traits that make her HER! She is beautiful, lively, unique, emotional, loving, and joyful.

I used one of the Artsylicious frames to create the cover. I just glued it to a piece of cardboard (that was made all pretty, of course) and punched a hole. I used other pieces of cardboard to create the pages of the book. Check out the beautiful Eclectique stuff---the chipboard embellishments rock. The Ruby Artsylicious stuff goes beautifully with it---ribbons, gems, felt flowers, buttons! Yummy. I love how it turned out. Mostly, I love that it documents who my daughter is!


  1. Congrats and good luck with everything. It was nice catching up with you at work today. Hope we have more time to celebrate your successes!

  2. Love the mini album! Keepin' my fingers crossed for the Chatterbox gig for you!


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