Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family Memories!

My family lives about 40 minutes away from me, so unfortunately, I don't get to see them that often. I had the chance to have a family dinner on Sunday to celebrate my birthday (which is on Thursday). It was so nice to spend time with them. And, to my surprise, I got presents. A Pandora bracelet and some very meaningful charms! I didn't expect that and was a bit overwhelmed (yet extremely happy!!).

My sister Danielle was there of course! I had found this old picture of us a while back and have been waiting to scrap it. We took another one in the exact same position so I could compare. I used Dream Street for this one (gee, are you surprised! LOL!). Love the "Mod" colors--brought me right back to the 80s. This picture was taken in 1982. When I was doing the title, I actually had +16 all stuck down. Then, I realized that the picture was taken 26 years ago. Holy cow! Am I that old? I laughed and fixed it. Journaling reads: TeHe! I was 12. You were 4! We were cute! Here we are many years later. Time goes by so fast. At least we are still cute! May will still be in another 26!

Have a great day!!


  1. Love the "then and now" pics Stacey! I'm glad you were able to have a great time with your family. And....Happy Pre-Birthday to you! ;)

  2. Cool comparison in the photos! Lov ethe layout.

  3. Great colors - are you in love with that Martha Stewart border punch???

  4. This is so adorable, Stacey, and what a cute pair you two are! And I just realized why I like you so much - you have the same b-day as my son ;-) Hope you have a fantastic one!!

  5. Happy early Birthday Stacey!!!!
    I love these dream street papers. Such bright awesome colors.
    I have a troll bracelet and I just love collecting the charms..you are going to love your pandora bracelet!!! If you are looking for a camera bead I found one through the Camilla line.
    To respond to your post on my blog---I was on the last bus tour that Wiggles and Giggles had. Our bus broke down and we had to wait for another one...Were you there??? OMG...that is too funny!!! I would love to catch up with you at Wiggles or on the bus tour...!!!

  6. Then & now combinations are my favorite pages, great page too. Nice choice of colors.

  7. Hey Stacey- I'm a lurker!! (LOL) I look at your site often, but have never posted (shame on me)! But I had to post this time to say Happy Birthday and to say I knew there was a reason I was drawn to your site...it's because we have the same birthday. My birthday was yesterday too!! Hope your day was great!!

  8. Hi Kim!! Tried to see if you too had a blog so I could comment, but you didn't. Wanted to wish you a happy birthday too!!! Hope it was great!



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