Thursday, September 4, 2008

Every Other Day Part II

Wanted to share that one of my pages has been picked up for publication by Summer and Kimber for their upcoming Memory Makers Idea Book. It has been a few months since I got one of those happy emails, so I am pretty excited. Plus, I admire so many of the peeps who will be in there! Yeah!

Have a great day, today!


  1. Beautiful!! :D

    You can usually upload five, and the re-upload. I have had lots more than five that way but it may have been a bug?

  2. Forgot to say..Congrats on the pub too! That is going to be a fun book huh?

  3. Hmm, after I upload the five, I just hit the upload button again and can do it all over again. I always have a ton of pics in my post! Loooove this mini, it's fabulous Stacey!! Big congrats on the pub!


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