Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paper Explosion

It is really cramping my style. Do you ever feel like the mess is just out of control? But then why clean it up when you are just going to make it again the next time you scrap! It is a vicious cycle I say!

Look--I am going to share a rare layout of Nathan! He really is hard to capture on film. But he is a funny one!

He has had terrible allergies this month and his eyes have been affected. So the other day he walked into the room and

said, "Mom, do we have any carrots?"
Me: "Yes, why? (knowing he hates all things vegetable)
Nathan: "Le Fronc on Disney said that carrots are good for your eyes. Maybe they can help my itchy, allergy eyes."
Me: "Um, if only it worked that way."

This layout shares the Barack Obama story I told a few months back--you know, Barack rates right up there with Santa!

Have a happy Sunday, full of giggles!


  1. What a sweet page - love your design; the colors just pop against the dark background. :)

  2. LOVE this layout! Your young man is soooo adorably handsome! And that dialog...had me giggling! Just so you know, the messiness of my scrap room is beginning to upstage the mess of my kiddos moving home from college. I have GOT to get in there this week and tidy things up! Just wanted you to know you are not the only one! LOL!

  3. This whole post is just pure joy! Love those pictures of your cutie pie, and that story makes me smile. Love the layout....all the perfectly placed details. Good stuff!

  4. What an adorable young man and I adore the LO!!! What great colors and pics!!!!! I just adore your Blog and thanks for sharing with us!

  5. holy Cow! How much does he look like Steve here?? I had to go searching for the story in your old posts and when I found it I laughed out loud. I think we have a very similar one sweet.

  6. What a sweet page, I love the little paper clip.

  7. This page is so cute! Love the colors and photo!

  8. This page just makes me smile. I have a big grin on my face. The photos are adorable and the papers fit so well together and make the perfect layout :)

  9. What a cute story!

    I love the papers that you used. They really jump off of the page!


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