Friday, May 8, 2009


My word of the day...

I have four unfinished layouts sitting in my scraproom. Most just need the journaling, but I have been unmotivated.

Umm, LOL! Don't I write a journaling article?

I have a laundry basket of unfolded clothes in my bedroom. By the time I get to them, they might all need to be washed again.

An half empty bottle of water sits next to me.

And, apparently, I have an illness called "Opening One When There Is Already One Opened". It inflicts those who are distracted and somewhat to highly disorganized. Don't live with someone who has OCD-like tendencies (or the real thing) when you have this illness.

There might be fights and finger pointing over two opened jars of Salsa. Raised voices and all.

I will share a layout that is completed. Although, it feels somewhat unfinished to me. It might be the white space. But I can't figure it out anymore. Because my brain is finished.

I love this photo of Ella! Sums her up!

Lilybee is pretty stuff! The colors are so awesome!

Off to finish straightening the living room before dinner. But before I go,

anyone know any really good recipes involving salsa?? It seems I need to use it a lot next week!


  1. I have a taco casserole recipe that uses salsa.


  2. I too have so many dirty clothes with my name on them.....but I am so sick and tired.....they will just have to wait!!!! Love the LO.....the placement and shape are so unique!!!!!! I have no salsa recipes to share....Wishing you and your family a very Happy Mother's Day!!!!

  3. I hear ya...on the unfinished!! perfect word for the layout...that lilybee is so cute!!

  4. LOL, I know exactly how you are feeling Stacey! It seems like my brain has been on shut down mode for the past week as well. I just have quite the burn out. I love the layout, I think it's sweet and love the line! I might have some recipes for salsa for you, I will send them your way if I do. ;)

  5. I hear yah on the wash the laundry twice bit!!! Use up some salsa with tortilla lasagna, layers of tortilla with beef\chicken, cheese, salsa repeat. Top with sourcream and serve.

  6. Had to giggle that even a journaling genius could feel unmotivated to journal! LOL! Gotta tell ya the layout is awesome! It's never fun when one just doesn't sit right, but to my eye, it is fab-u-lous! Good luck with that salsa. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Thank you for your kind words about my cards! And I think you stole my word of the day. As I sit here looking around my studio it just makes me sick how distracted I can get! It'll be a miracle to finish this comment. :) In regards to salsa.. try adding it to spaghetti sauce to add a little spice. I did this for fun once and it turned out really good!

  8. I love that green, patterned paper. It is so subtle and makes your little grouping around the photo fun.

  9. half finished is my middle name...

  10. What a cute layout! We like to use salsa as a topping for fish.

  11. What a sweet layout it's too cute.

    Unfinished unorganized are tme to a T. I'm learning to go with the flow more & if it gets done that's great but life has a way of distracting.

    I love the projects in the prior post. Thanks for enabling.


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