Thursday, March 4, 2010


me...I am drained.

See, I am a true Libra. I need balance in my life. I am not sane without it! LOL! The past 4 days we have had many showings of our house, have packed the kitties in their carriers multiple times (I think they are traumatized), have washed the floor 18 times. I haven't created anything since Sunday, haven't had time to be on the computer. I have eaten on the run and have a cold. We have accepted an offer that is quite special and look forward to the future. I have to start thinking about new furniture and a new scrap room (WooHoo!).

Ummmm...not so balanced right!? I am hoping to regroup a bit in the next few days as the obsessive, compulsive control freak in me is freaking out!

Speaking of my quirks, I recently was given the task of creating a layout showcasing my personality traits. I have the great pleasure of guest designing for the All About Me challenge blog this month. The first challenge is to take one of those very cool personality type tests and then scrap it! You should totally check it out and play along!

I come up slightly different each time.

Yes, I am extroverted (what, you don't believe me!), but I also crave alone time. Spending an hour or two with glue and paper is a must for me. As I have grown older, I much prefer my scrappy table over a party. Because my profile seems to shift a bit, I decided that I might be somewhere in between! I wanted to create a layout with bold colors and complex patterns, one with a bit of whimsy.

Used Sass on this one...gosh, I love Sass. Thanks Melissa for the awesome inspiration!

Off to bed early...I need to even out those scales as soon as possible!


  1. What a fabulous layout! Love the Sas pp with the bold colors!
    And huge congrats on selling your house! Hope you'll find your balance back soon! Hugs!

  2. Congrats again about the house Stace. I looooove this layout!!!

  3. Big Congrats on the house....and I SO LOVE THAT LO!!!! That Sass is just perfect!!!!

    Take care of you!!!!! :-)

  4. Lovely layout! I love the colors and the title! Fabulous, as always!

  5. Thank YOU Stacey for your inspiration! This month is going to be fun. :) HUGE congrats on selling the house! Yay!!

  6. Great layout! Thanks for sharing your work with us over at AAM!


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