Saturday, March 6, 2010

I've Been Bitten by the Bug

As in the decorating bug...

it has been a long time since I needed to shop for a new couch or think about color schemes. Today found me visiting Pottery Barn after my lovely husband took the kids for a couple of hours. I could spend all day there. I found a gorgeous pillow that will be my inspiration for the new will help me determine furniture pieces and paint colors.

I can't find it online except as a part of this living room arrangement. It is on the chair:

So in love with this piece:

Adore this couch for my "sitting room":


I can't wait to visit Marshalls/Home Goods and just walk around for hours, scanning and scouring. Treasures are in those aisles. I liked doing it 10 years ago, but now I think I will be good at it. I have matured, have a sense of what I consider to be timeless. I think scrapbooking helps as I have a better idea about incorporating texture and pattern while maintaining balance and flow.

If you have any good sites that could serve as inspiration, please leave a comment. I am hungry for ideas right now!

Since we are on the topic of style, here is a recent layout about my daughter! She is a riot...a 3 1/2 year old who adores fashion. She notices cool shoes, trendy necklaces, new shirts. Calls things she likes, "stylin'" Mom, don't I look stylin'! These pants are stylin'! It deserved a layout!

Ahh...I just hope I can be as stylin as her!


  1. Love these pics and we are off to the home and garden show...can't wait to see what they have!!!

    The LO is just adorable!!! LOVE IT!!!

    Wishing you a great week! :-)

  2. Cute layout! I also have the decorating bug, but live in an apartment so I can't do much damage! We actually found a gorgeous bed that was exactly what we were looking for online at Target--go figure!

  3. Love this layout! Hope you don't mind, but I totally planning on lifting it. I ♥ all the white space, and the cluster.

  4. Oh my gosh you are going to have so much fun!!! I adore that end table! I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  5. she is totally stylin - great idea for a LO :D


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