Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getting in the Spirit

Ahhh...the thought of decorating my house for Christmas after all I have been doing is decorating my house in general really made me want to abandon the whole thing.  I really thought we would just put up the tree and be done.  But today I started to putter.  That is what we call it in our family, puttering.  When you sorta get busy with fixing up something here and then there.  Before I knew it, I was hanging stockings, laying greens on shelves and filling jars with candy canes.

I got hit with the bug.  Now it feels like Christmas.  It is super fun to watch the kids during this time.  Nathan got to set up his old-fashioned about happy.  I pretty much let the kids decorate the entire tree this year.  It is funny how many ornaments are in the front and on the middle of the tree!

It should help that I have had this beauty land on my doorstep:

It is beautiful...the December kit from the Nook!  I have made four layouts.  Well, I have finished two and two need little details.  I have been too lazy to get the job done.  Does that ever happen to you?

Here is a layout that I did complete!

I think this layout is cuter in person.  I can't seem to photograph anything...between the winter wind and the fact that we only have a few hours of sunlight and I work during those hours are causing trouble!

Nathan loves to collect the toy catalogs and just browse.  He has a whole stash and has had no problem getting into the spirit!

I am there with him now!


  1. Brookie loves toy catalog's too! lol!! I tell her she has an "I" problem..."I want this" and "I want that"!! LOL...loving that lo!! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Cute page and fun paper collection to get folks in the mood for a bit of holiday scrapping.

  3. I love that you use the word putter!!! My family and I use that word too in addition to putz... we putz around town. hehe...
    And boy do I hear ya on the daylight and weather causing hindrance to good project photos. Ugh.

    P.S. LOVE that kit!!!! Gorgeousness!

  4. Stacey you reall made thie shine, love what you did this kit looks awesome.

  5. Love it!! Super cute kit! I did some puttering myself, lol, finally getting into the spirit! ✿

  6. I'm still struggling with how close Christmas is! I think I'm in denial as I'm not anywhere near ready! Love your layout, it's so cute!

  7. I love your circles and the pin through the tied bow. I have yet to be hit by the bug, hope it won't be much longer.

  8. I love the little santa banner and also the STar pin!! Very gorgeous layout!


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