Thursday, December 16, 2010

Soo Cold

It is so cold...very uncomfortable...this weather makes me cranky...LOL
and lazy...

It does have a side effect that falls under the category of in hats.  Especially kids in hats with rosy cheeks.  How I love that!

Both of my kids are pale skinned and when they get pink and those meatball eyes peer makes me smile and warms my heart...

Ella has the cutest hats.  Like three sets of matching glove and hat sets!  I love this purple one!  This picture is actually older, I just haven't scrapped much winter!  The December Nook kit is great for Christmas, but also wonderful for snow and cold!  Check it out!

I did some hand cut work here to remove the curved shape from the patterned adds lots of softness though!  And I had to add some purple accents to provide contrast and go with Ella's hat.  Notice the visual it!

Something else that warms me heart...all my scrappy friends.  I got lots of love and positive comments yesterday and it means a ton.  This is a great hobby!

Now, 0ff to jump under the covers! 


  1. Got nothing but love for ya babe!

    P.S. Do I love this layout?? Why yes I do!!!!

    P.P.S. Am I a little sick in the head for posting a "countdown to Summer CHA" on my wall already?

  2. Such a cute page! i love the misting, it's something i haven't tried yet x

  3. Love this one...the colors are Perfect!!!!

    I too love to see the rosie cheeks appear....Gavin always is so pale!!!

    Go jump under those covers....I am is COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. She is such a cutie! What a fantastic page, Stace!

  5. Great colour combo here. There is some seriously great hand cutting going on too. Another fabulous page, with the original Stacey flair.

  6. gorgeous layout!!! your daughter's adorable!!!

    this winter weather gets to me, too...I hate being cold!!!!

  7. is sooo cold here too!! but perfect for christmas - finally!!
    love love love your cute page!!


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