Sunday, April 24, 2011

At Home: Easter Sunday

So I don't have photos of the house today, but instead have photos of who lives in the house.  The most important people in the world.  I so wanted a good picture today of Steve and the kids.  And of the kids.  They were dressed up, looking sweet and it was a beautiful day.

This is how it started:

But then I got this:

Gosh, these two...they fill my heart.  I love that they are getting a bit older.  We have conversations, inside jokes and many fantastic moments.

And, after squinty eyes outside and unhappy daddys who don't like their pictures taken...I caught this. 

Two kids who adore their father.  They live for him, love him and respect him.  And he is a fabulous dad! 

So today is about blessings and gratitude.  A celebration of love.  I am feeling it.


  1. Oh my gosh... your family... they are precious!

  2. Nice to see you and your family had a lovely Easter Sunday! It's so touching to see how much your kids seems to genuinely enjoy each other.

  3. Love these pics..... :-)

    Wishing you a great week!!!


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