Friday, April 15, 2011

In the Ways that Count

My husband...I don't think I say it enough to him, but I really appreciate him.  Us.  We are a great fit.  Neither of us are really super sweet with our sentiments.  We are both fiercely independent.  We don't always say how we feel, but we do show it...especially in moments that count.

The past few days, I needed him.  And I didn't have to ask.  He was just there.  And I love that about him.  I love how he is a teacher.  I love his sense of humor.  His loyalty to others.

I am not sure I love his sports addiction, but I guess you take the good with the bad...LOL!  I want to be sure to start documenting the things that important to him...have a record of his life.  So I made this layout about his love for sports and his favorite teams.

I used the Teresa Collins's Sports Edition II collection for this layout and added some Blingage stars!  I think I am having a love affair with stars these days.

Think Steve will mind??


  1. Love, love, love this page, it is really gorgeous! It also reminds me that I really need to start ducumenting more of my hubby and my lives too :)

  2. I love how you share so much about your family and the care you have for each one. It is so inspiring to hear about your relationship with your husband too. Lovely layout... as per the usual... ;)

  3. I love the crisp, cleanness of this page.

  4. This is so beautiful. AWESOME WORK! Well done. Love your details and the awesome pics.

  5. What a fabulous blog love all your layouts and inspiration on here.


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