Monday, February 11, 2013

At Home: Office Updates

At home is usually for Sundays, but truth be days are all mixed up.  We have been snowed in for days.  Even if I knew it was Monday, I don't feel like musing very much.

Instead, I am sharing some office updates.  We made a few changes these past two weeks and I am happy with the look.

Office/Scraproom BEFORE:

It was  fine...but I got sick of the mismatch.  And see that got all filled up with junk.  Have spaces, will fill them needlessly.  So we added more cohesive storage.


I have way more storage now and like how the bookcases match.  These are both Expedit from Ikea.  I purchased two drawers and two door units to have some neat storage.  In total, it was a $250.00 project.

I made the shelf contents more cohesive too...grabbed all clear storage envelopes for my paper and lined up similiar color boxes.  It all kinda flows now.  Although, I am wondering if I should put the green on the bottom.  It is hard to live in my head.  I ended up added a hook for the kid's coats and a basket for backpacks.  They can unload their things right after school.

Here is my command central.  I grouped several different things like the map and corkboard, the mail organizer with white board and the calendar....all fins from Target and Jo'ann's.  

I made sure all my organizers, frames and holders were in black so that it is all cohesive and doesn't look busy.

I reused two of the white storage drawers as end tables.  It allows me to have a little bit more functional space and works in the corner near our couch.

I went with burlap shades from Target and didn't worry so much about the bases matching.  Touches of red and green surrounded the room.

Small cost, big change.  It is nice to walk into this space now...without that overwhelming feeling that it is a mess.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Looks lovely - my daughter has the white gloss expedit for her bedroom/study with red and white doors randomly dotted - it looks great!


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