Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday's Musings: You Made a Funny

Nathan....we are not sure where his sudden wit and sense of humor comes from.  He seems to pick the just right catch phrase or saying to match the situation.

It is more grown up than before.  Don't get me wrong...he loved the Three Stooges movies with all the slapstick.  Farts are funny to him as are any body part.

But, there is this other way of his thinking...he is a funny guy.  Steve and I often giggle and then look at each other.  Because we sense a shift in him.

I adore his laugh and his smile.  This random photo I caught while he sat on the front porch shows his beautiful grin.

It deserves a layout!

I focused on using the overlays from the Composition & Color line as well as the trim.  I placed the chevron overlay on the olive paper....It has this cool effect!  

I also cut the airplanes from an overlay and used them to add a special detail to the page.  I added the red brad to hold the planes down and created "flight swirls" from the twine.

Special touches!  For my special guy!

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