Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sunburst Saturday

I am addicted...the little sunburst in Allison Kreft's new collections.  I have used one on every layout I have made with her products.  I know I should probably be careful about overuse, but I can't stop myself.  It is like a really great necklace that goes with everything.

I have this adorable photo of my guy.  His smile makes my day.  I wanted the sunburst to convey how it glows.  Along with the red sunburst, I focused on the overlays and trims on this layout.

I used the ruler ribbon along the top of my adds a really nice texture you can't see from a photo.  I also cut the pink scalloped trim to make that little heart!

See the airplanes...they are from a sheet of overlays.  I decided to only use a couple and place a red brad in the center of each one. The blue twine is from the Composition & Color line.

I placed the white chevron overly from Sweet Notes over the green cardstock...I love how it pops and mixes with the other greens.  Ahh...the sunburst.

This layout uses mostly Composition & Color, but I mixed in some Sweet Notes too!  All Webster's collections are now shipping. 

You too can become a sunburst addict.


  1. Fun layout! Love the planes and the twine trail. Great design!

  2. Such nice details all coming together for a great layout. Nice work!


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