Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Keep it Simple

I think life should be more simple.  Less stress, more relaxation.  Less drama, more girl time.  Less yelling, more hugs.

Simple works.  It has worked for Steve for a long time as he strives to keep life simple and calm.  I am trying to move there.  It is not in my personality.

It is in my scrappy style, though.  For a recent layout, I kept the design and embellishments simple and focused.  I worked with several common and repetitive elements that had some boldness.

Not to mention, I had the amazing Allison Kreft Recorded collection to work with.  Love this girl's designs...

Here is my page!

I love this picture of Ella and me.  We are pure joy for each other here.  And that is not always the case.  This photo was a selfie and was totally spontaneous.  I wanted it to shine.  I decided to use the overlays to create a bit of a grid.  There is a whole sheet of these babies...awesome!

I put patterned paper underneath and added some simple embellishments to the overlays.

Love the sticker sheet that comes with this collection!  Gray letters in a great font!

I added some simple touches like the cassette charm and the hemp twine.   

Sometimes life calls for simple!


Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a fabulous day!


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