Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Inside the Art: Joy Always

This month's kit over at Inside Out Visual Journaling is about This Moment.  I love the word moment.  A  moment frozen in time, I moment you will never forget or a moment you wish never happened....there are so many possibilities.

I went with the idea of the moment when my kiddos were born.  I have the worst long term memory.  Yet, I remember how I met my husband and the birth of both of my children so vividly.  I wanted to write some details down about the moments.

I love the papers in this kit and use this gem as is!  I simply added some extra details and a cluster with my photo.  I wrote a ton of journaling to share the memories.  Without Steve, I wouldn't have these two blessings.  One amazing moment led to two more.
Truth be told, there have been many other moments since then that are unforgettable!

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