Thursday, September 3, 2015

Blessings in Disguise

I truly believe in blessings in disguise, that every situation has something positive to offer.  Truth be told...I don't always react to every situation with that as my immediate thought.  But, given some processing time, I usually work hard to search for that lesson.  All lessons really are blessings, right?

This summer, I found myself in a new situation.  For over ten years, Steve and I were together each summer...on those awesome teacher vacations.  This year and a new job for Steve, it was me and the kids.  I wasn't so sure.  The kids weren't so sure.  We were going to miss our family unit.

Then the unexpected.  We created a new normal.  My inner child came out!

I decided to have fun creating this page, using a bold title and scattering lots of embellishments.  This is my favorite image from the summer.  This kids and I had a fun adventure that day and we ended up  going to Old Wethersfield for ice cream.  We walked over to the Webb Barn, where Steve and I actually got married.  I explained to them the significance of the place.  We took some photos that showed how happy we were.  

As much as we missed our family unit, we bonded and moved forward.  We created fun memories with Steve too, all of us learning to appreciate each other in a new way.  I learned to be more flexible.  To go with it and see where an adventure brought us.  I tried new things and took risks.  In some ways, I felt like a kid again too.  It was a blessing in disguise.

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