Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Safe Inner Child

Think about that fragile side of you.  The little girl or boy who feels vulnerable and nervous.  Do we all have that part of ourselves?  I know that I do.  She tends to watch from afar to size up the safety of a situation.  I don't mean safety in the physical sense, but more the emotional.  She has taken risks in the past and has been hurt.  Disappointed. Abandoned.  I think that is what she is afraid of the most.

Then Steve walked in.  I was in a great place in life and was taking care of myself.  I was ready for love.  Was my inner child?  I decided to push past fears and take that leap.  It was the best decision of my life.

I scrapped about it using the September kit from Inside Out Visual Journaling.  I love, love, love this kit and all its goodies.  Many of the items served as inspiration for my pages.  I love this big Sigh card.  Kinda sums up how I feel.

Not only do I feel safe and loved, accepted and cherished.  So does my inner child.

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  1. Lovely Lay-Out. I like all the different designs on the letters.
    Lovely picture of the two of you :)
    Greetings Petra


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