Friday, October 31, 2008

A Challenge!

Today is a day of challenges. It was especially hard getting my kids to stay still to take photos of them in their Halloween costumes. They are both pirates and I must say that the $12.88 costumes from Walmart rock! They look soo cute. Hopefully, I will get a picture to capture it. Here is a card I made this week. I have considered my card-challenged and decided to make more of them to bulk up my skills. I like this one. It is easy with these beautiful Scenic Route papers though!

Another challenge is being issued over at The Nook. We are participating in a dare to blog every day for the month of November. I figure why not!!! I just received my November kit from The Nook and it is to die for. Look:

The colors are really amazing. I am actually alittle afraid to cut into this one. Tried to start last night, but I froze. It is probably a good though because I thought of an idea for using that ribbon while I was in the shower this morning. Love when that happens. Some people daydream about vacations on warm beaches or hunky men. I think of layouts. Great!

And my last challenge (besides trying not to eat all the Halloween candy in sight) involves you. I am holding an ongoing call for guest designers for my monthly article in Magazine. I would love to hear from you and share your unique talents with many, many readers. If you are interested in contributing as a guest designer, please send an email, which includes a link to your gallery/work to

Oh, one last challenge is to NOT share my scrappy secret with you all right now. Tomorrow, I can share tomorrow!


  1. Stacey, I can help you out as a guest designer. You know my blog/galleries. Let me know. Love that card. I would have trouble cutting that wonderfulness too!

  2. oooh that card is cute! great job!

  3. That is a beautiful card! I love it :) Can't wait to hear your scrappy secret...

  4. Hey Stacey...cute card..Love the color combo you used on it!
    Wow great kit...gorgeous colors in this one! Happy scrappin with that package!!!

    I have a confession too...I think about scrapping stuff all the time..I often find myself thinking about it at work and doodling my ideas down on vendors paperwork ! OOOPPSS!! lol


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