Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So Squeezable!

Nothing like kids all wearing matching tshirts and/or outfits! Makes anyone smile and think, "Oh how cute!" Well, these t-shirts were a gift from Auntie Sara. She is well aware of my daughter's ongoing obsession with ketchup! Ella puts the popular condiment on everything including bananas and blueberries. I know, yuck! I don't get it either. But she loves it and for a long time called it "sheshup", which we thought was quite adorable. When Ella, Nathan and Christian (their cousin and faithful sidekick) got these shirts, they all went nuts and just had to wear them. They are stinkin cute!

I love this Cosmo paper with the pictures. I can see why it is called Happy Sunshine. I know that I am probably behind the times a bit just using this paper now, but who cares. It makes me want to print all of my summer pictures and just create! Now that is some goooood paper!

Hey, wanted to mention a scrappy opportunity to you! I write a monthly feature in Magazine, which is a widely viewed, FREE ezine!! The magazine receives over 1 million hits per month. If you are looking to show off your work, add to your resume, showcase a specific product line, or just have fun, then you should contact me about being a guest designer for my column. I would provide you with the journaling/prompt assignment one month in advance and then use your layout in my article. The process is painless and the end result is great! If you are interested in contributing as a guest designer, please send an email, which includes a link to your gallery/work to

Off to have some Teddi Grahams now, without ketchup-thank you very much!


  1. cute cute layout, Stacy!! Love the squeeze references! (thanks for your visit)

  2. love the LO and yup SO flippin' cute

  3. Love that layout! Love the title!

  4. Such an adorable layout, Stacy!! Those shirts are too cute. :)

  5. omg Bella still dips her green beans in ketchup and everything else also. it is just something what is up with kids and ketchup rofl. (I blamed it on my aversion of it when I was pregnant it made me soo naus just to smell it so it was pay back I guess)
    so funny LOVE LOVE LOVE the t shirts! VERY CUTE PAGE love it!

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  7. Audrey Pettit said...

    How cute this is Stacey! I agree that that paper is perfectly adorable and happy and sunshiny and works so well with your photos. Your title is just perfect, too. So cute with those little T-shirts. The whole thing has just made me smile!

  8. How super cute... Love how you can breathe such great life into that Cosmo paper!!! Just when I think I"ve seen all the layouts possible with a particular line... I see your stuff and want more of the product!!!

    Happy Halloween!

  9. Love your page (like all the others...) and your blog is so fun to read! Did you ever try the ketchup chips? yuk! they taste horrible!


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