Monday, October 6, 2008

Would You Look at Them!

Look at my two kiddos! I have to say that this may be my new favorite photo. Yes, if you look closely, Nathan is holding a fork. And he has no shirt on for some reason. But they just look so happy to be together. This is the state of things lately. He is all about being a good, protective and caring big brother. Ella is a drama queen and she (often, frequently, every other minute) throws herself on the floor, lies on her belly, props her head in her chin and pouts. She will add in a statement like, "My mommy made me sad." or "It's not fair." Steve and I just ignore her at this point. Nathan doesn't know anything about positive or negative reinforcement so he goes to her, hugs her and tries to cheer her up. It is super sweet! I know someday Nathan will be too cool for Ella and vice versa, so I am going to take a lot of pictures like this one--to remind them of how they once were.

Here is my latest layout made with the kit from The Nook. The Eva line is beautiful and Leah picked the most awesome embellishments to match. The title of this layout is "It Does My Heart Good." Nana often says that about her own children when she sees them grown up with kids and marriages. When I see this picture, I can really understand what that phrase means.

Have a good one!


  1. awhhhh Love the photo but the LO is stunning as is all your work I love popping in here

  2. That layout is darling and super sweet! My kids were like that when they were younger and finally at 10 and 8 are back to that again, which is so nice! Love your layouts Stacey!

  3. awh....this is away to sweet Stacey! and that is so so sweet that he will comfort her...super as always!

  4. What a sweet photo and fabulous layout Stacey! Love them both!

  5. This should be a favorite photo, just plain adorable and I am so in love with the papers you used and the way you used them.


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